When did you start shopping for your grooms suits?

When did you start shopping for your grooms suits?

75% Groom’s Suits Bought in Six Months Before Wedding

While most brides will begin searching for their wedding dress as soon as they are engaged, shopping for the groom’s suit only usually starts six months before the wedding according to an Easy Weddings poll. 75% of couples than took part in the poll said they would begin shopping for the groom’s suit in the last six months before the wedding, and 43% said they would leave it until three months or less before the big day.

Shopping for the groom’s suit can begin later than shopping for the wedding dress for a number of reasons. There are fewer decisions to make about a groom’s suit; he only really needs to choose the style and the colour. For a formal daytime wedding a morning suit is appropriate, and for a formal evening wedding black or white tie is the standard. Many grooms are choosing casual lounge suits for more relaxed weddings, and some are opting for linen suits or just smart trousers and shirts for beach or outdoor weddings.

A groom’s suit is likely to need fewer alterations than a bride’s wedding dress, which means it can be bought later. While wedding dresses are often made to order, a suit is more likely to be bought off the rack. A groom may want to wait until a few months before the wedding to look for his suit as he will want to make sure he has the latest season’s style.

25% of couples said they would look for the groom’s suit nine months or more before the wedding. This group is likely to include couples who are having a tailored groom’s suit that is made to measure. This will take longer and the groom will need to attend fittings. If the rest of the men in the bridal party are wearing the same suit as the groom, the coupe might want to start shopping earlier to make sure they find something that works for the groomsmen and the fathers of the bride and groom as well as the groom.