Wedding Polls Results & Opinions

What type of ceremony location will you have?

Getting married in church is still a popular choice according to an Easy Weddings poll. Out of nearly 1,000 couples that responded to the poll, 45% said they were having a church as their ceremony venue. A further 10% said they planned to get married in a chapel. Garden locations were also popular for wedding ceremonies with 28% reporting they were planning a garden ceremony. 16% of the couples that took part in the poll had chosen a different venue altogether for their ceremony location.

Although civil ceremonies performed by wedding celebrants are now as popular as religious ceremonies, it seems that many couples still love the idea of getting married in church. While many will be practising Christians and active members of the church community, and will want God to be at the centre of their marriage ceremony, others may choose to get married in church for other reasons. They may feel that a church lends a degree of solemnity to the ceremony, or that a church is a picturesque setting to exchange their vows. They may come from a religious background and want to get married in church to please parents or grandparents.

Garden weddings are particularly popular as gardens provide a naturally beautiful backdrop for the marriage ceremony. Couples might get married in the garden of a hotel or historic house, or they could choose to get married in their own backyard. Chapels are often located within beautiful grounds, so a chapel wedding can combine the best of both worlds, with the solemnity of a church and the beauty of a garden.

There are plenty of possibilities for the 16% of couples that said they were planning a ceremony in a different venue. Perhaps they are exchanging their vows on the beach, or in a special ceremony room at their reception venue. They may be getting married at a winery or function centre, or somewhere completely unique such as the deck of a boat.