What transport will you be using to arrive at your ceremony?

What transport will you be using to arrive at your ceremony?

Couples choose classic cars as wedding ceremony transport

Although a classic car is still the most frequently used form of wedding transport, an Easy Weddings poll has shown that unique and quirky cars are almost as popular. This follows the trend for couples wanting to make their wedding day a little bit different and to inject some of their own personalities into the celebrations.

In a poll of almost 1,800 Easy Weddings brides, 36% planned to arrive at their ceremony in a classic car. For sheer elegance and class, nothing beats a classic Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar or Mercedes. A classic car is a versatile choice and can work equally well for a garden event as for a chic urban wedding at a top hotel.

A classic car will look beautiful in the wedding photos, especially if you’re having black and white or sepia shots.  A classic car is also a practical choice as you usually have space in the back for your bridesmaids and the Father of the Bride as well as a full skirted bridal gown.

In hot pursuit of the classic car, almost a third of the brides that completed the survey said they planned to use a different or unique form of wedding transport.  In recent years couples have chosen all sorts of quirky wedding cars; here are a few of the options:

  • A horse and cart for a vintage wedding
  • A Hummer for a modern urban wedding
  • A tractor for a casual country wedding
  • A school bus or tram to transport your entire bridal party
  • An American car such as a Cadillac for a retro wedding

Although not the most popular, a limousine is still a stylish choice with a quarter of Easy Weddings brides selecting this option. A limo is the perfect choice for those looking for sheer glamour, and who want to feel like a film star on their big day.  A limo will also give you and your new husband a few private minutes together on the way to the reception. It is a great choice for a city wedding and ideal if you have a fairly long journey to your venue.

Only 7% of East Weddings brides chose to travel to the wedding in a sports car.  While most couples would love to own or drive a sports car, they are not always the most practical choice when it comes to wedding transport. Most sports cars only seat two people, so even if you have the Father of the Bride or groom driving (let’s face it bridal outfits aren’t really designed for driving!) where will you put the bridesmaids?