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What is the most important feature of your wedding day?

Ceremony still the most important feature of the wedding day

We’re often told than in the excitement of wedding planning it’s easy to forget what the wedding day is actually about. Well it appears that’s not a problem for the 38% of Easy Weddings brides who reported that the ceremony was the most important feature of their wedding day in a recent poll.

It is good to see that the largest percentage of brides who took part in the poll believed that the wedding ceremony was the most important feature of the wedding rather than simply something to get out of the way before the party started. The wedding ceremony is the part of the day where the couple pledge their vows to one another and are officially married so it’s quite right that it should be given high priority within the wedding schedule.

Following closely behind the ceremony, 31% of respondents said that the reception was the most important feature of their wedding day. This is the part of the day that the guests will remember most and where the majority of the cost will be. From the welcome drinks and wedding breakfast to the cake cutting and the first dance, there is a lot to pack into a wedding reception and it’s important to get it right.

Roughly equal importance was given to the guests and the wedding dress, with 14% indicating their guests were the most important element, and 13% suggesting their dress was the crucial factor. The guests that you invite will make a huge difference to your day, and if you make sure you invite your very closest friends and family it is sure to go well. The dress will be a big part of how you feel on the day and the right bridal gown can give you a surge of confidence to carry you through the wedding.

Finally 4% of brides that took part in the poll suggested that their honeymoon was the most important feature. After the stress of wedding planning most brides are certainly looking forward to a little alone time with their new husband in a tropical paradise. For brides that feel the honeymoon is the crucial part a destination wedding might be the best choice so the wedding becomes one long honeymoon.