User Survey – Are you the ?

User Survey – Are you the ?

There’s an 87% chance that you’re the bride

A user survey revealed that 87% of Easy Weddings readers were brides, so if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you are too. Grooms and bridesmaids were equally likely to visit Easy Weddings and they each made up 4% of the visitors that completed the poll. The final 5% of visitors were the mothers of the bride and groom.

Although we know that modern grooms have as much input in their weddings as brides, it seems that the brides still do most of the online research. The Easy Weddings site is very appealing for brides because, alongside a fantastic supplier directory and online shop, there is also a social aspect to the site. Brides can ask for advice on the forums, read blog posts, find out about the latest celebrity weddings, and get inspiration from other real brides.

It’s surprising to see that only 4% of the visitors that responded to the poll were grooms. Although grooms tend to spend less time on wedding websites looking for ideas and interacting with the online community, there are plenty of functions on the site that should appeal to grooms such as budget and planning tools, and the possibility to create your own wedding website.

Other visitors to the site included bridesmaids (4%), mothers of the bride (3%) and mothers of the groom (2%). A handful of best men did respond to the survey but less than half a percent. These members of the bridal party may be looking for ideas for their wedding outfits or they may be searching for something on behalf of the couple. They may also have been looking for inspiration when planning a hen party, stag party, or bridal shower. If you’re a member of the wedding party visiting Easy Weddings we’d love to hear what you find useful on the site.