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How much are you spending on your wedding dress?

A third of brides spend more than £1,000 on their wedding dress

Despite the fact that many couples are trying to economise on the cost of their wedding around 32% of brides spend more than £1,000 on their bridal gown according to an Easy Weddings poll. The results of the poll showed that the most common price range for a wedding dress was £500 to £1,000, with 25% of brides reporting that their dress fell into this price bracket.

Low cost wedding dresses are clearly available for those that are looking to keep their budget to a minimum, and 20% of respondents said they were spending less than £250 on their bridal gown.  These may have included brides that were buying from high-street bridal ranges, those that were buying pre-loved gowns or samples, and those that were buying styles which weren’t designed specifically to be wedding dresses.

23% of brides spend between £250 and £500 on their dresses, and a further 25% spend between £500 and £1,000. Dresses in these price ranges are likely to be designer dresses from bridal boutiques that are off the rack and may just need a few alternations or customisations. The actual cost of the dress will depend on the type of material, the designer, and the complexity of the design.

32% of brides indicated that they would be spending more than £1,000 on their wedding dress, with 10% paying more than £2,500 and a staggering 5% spending over £5,000. Wedding dresses in these price ranges are likely to be very high end designer dresses bought off the rack, or bespoke gowns that are tailor made for the bride and require the designer to put in a lot of time to get them absolutely right.