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How many times have you been married?

Most Easy Weddings visitors are getting married for the first time

Four out of five weddings are first time marriages according to an Easy Weddings poll. The poll results showed that 82% of respondents had never been married before, while 14% had been married once, Only 4% of people that took part in the poll had been married twice or more.

In case you’re thinking that couples who are getting married for the first time are just more likely to use a site like Easy Weddings, hence swaying the poll results, we’ve compared them with the 2011 stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Their results are broadly similar and state that in 2011 80.6% of brides and 78.9% of grooms were getting married for the first time.

Their statistics also showed that more than two thirds of weddings are first time marriages for both the bride and the groom. They indicated that 71.3% of weddings were between a bride and a groom who had never been married at all, 16.8% were the first marriage for one partner and a remarriage for the other, and 11.9% were a remarriage for both partners.

There are a couple of reasons why someone might have multiple marriages. They may have been widowed or they may have been through a divorce. The crude divorce rate in Australia, which measures the number of divorces granted per 1,000 of the population each year, was 2.1 in 2011. This has gradually been falling over the last decade so we hope that all the couples who reported they were getting married for the first time will be able to stay in a happy and loving relationship. It’s great to see that brides who are getting married for the second, third or even fourth time are still coming to Easy Weddings for some wedding day advice!