How long would you shop around for a bed?

How long would you shop around for a bed?

A new bed is a quick decision for half of couples

More than half of couples would choose a new bed in less than two weeks according to an Easy Weddings poll. 54% of couples that took part in the poll said they would only shop around for a bed for one to two weeks before making their purchase.

Buying a bed can be more complicated than it sounds and there are many factors to consider. The first and most important is comfort. How well we sleep has a huge impact on how we function for the rest of the day and getting a good night’s sleep is vital. Finding a bed that is comfortable for both of you can be tricky if one likes a hard mattress and the other prefers something soft. The size of the bed can also be an issue when it comes to comfort. No matter how affectionate you are, most people need their own space to sleep so buying a king size bed rather than a double is often a good idea as long as you have the space.

Another factor that can influence your choice of bed is the style. You won’t be buying a new bed very often so you need something timeless that you’ll still love in a few years. During that time you’ll probably want to change your decor so look for something fairly neutral that will work with different colour schemes. You may also want to decide whether your bed needs to include storage. Drawers built into bed bases can be ideal for storing sheets and towels.

The final factor in buying a bed is usually the price. Once you’ve decided what kind of bed you want shopping around for the best deal can take some time. 23% of couples said they would shop around for three to four weeks, while a further 23% said they would take more than a month to make a decision and this may well be because they are patiently waiting for a special offer on the bed they like.