How did you meet your fiance?

How did you meet your fiance?

Most brides meet fiance through mutual friends

The most common way to meet the person you’ll marry is through mutual friends, according to an Easy Weddings poll. Whether you’re set up on a blind date, or simply meet at a friend’s party, it seems that your friends are the place to look for true love.

Over a third of the people that took part in the Easy Weddings poll met their fiance through mutual friends, and it’s not hard to see why. Meeting a partner in this way means you already have something in common and a mutual social circle.

There’ll be fewer arguments about whether you spend time with ‘your friends’ or ‘his friends’ if they are one and the same.  You’ll be much happier letting him off the leash for a boy’s night out if you are having a girly night with his friends’ girlfriends and wives.

You might also have shared interests and hobbies depending how you know the friends in question, and if your mates have set you up on a date they’re sure to have picked a guy that they think you’ll hit it off with.  It can be a bit awkward if things don’t work out with a man you’ve met through mutual friends, but when it does work out they’ll be thrilled to get that invite to your wedding.

With 28% meeting their fiance through work, school or college, this option came a close second.  Perhaps they were lucky enough to be marrying their childhood sweetheart, or maybe they met up with someone they knew at school after a few years away and rekindled an old flame.

With the amount of time we spend at work, it’s hardly surprising that many couples meet in this way.  They have the benefit of a shared interest and probably know a lot of the same people.  If you work with your fiance you’re likely to have fewer arguments about working late, or bringing the office home with you.

15% of the respondents met their fiance on a night out.  Relationships often start in this way as we are generally more open to making new friends and talking to new people when we are out socialising; especially if we’re having a few drinks.  Meeting on a night out may mean you have similar lifestyles, or shared tastes in music which can be good starting points for a relationship.

Almost as many people met their fiance online as on a night out.  14% found love on the internet, but this figure looks set to grow as online dating becomes ever more popular.  With online dating you can find out about a person’s interests and views before you even meet them, you can communicate with a number of prospective partners at the same time, and it takes less time than traditional dating.  In a world where our busy schedules leave us little time to meet people, the number of marriages beginning online is sure to increase.

Only 8% met their fiance through a chance meeting. Perhaps their eyes met over the supermarket checkout, or they happened to sit down on the same bench in the park, and they just felt they had to swap telephone numbers. While less than one in ten engagements began in this way, there must have been a strong initial attraction for a chance meeting to result in a long term relationship.