Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

We All Want to Believe in Love at First Sight

There’s great news for the romantics amongst you as it seems that more than half of Easy Weddings visitors believe in love at first sight. Of over 1000 people that responded to the poll, 58% reported that they did believe in love at first sight, while only 34% said that they did not. 8% said they weren’t sure but wouldn’t mind the chance to find out; let’s hope they were bridesmaids or best men and not soon-to-be brides or grooms!

We’ve all seen it in movies, where a couple’s eyes meet across a crowded room and from that moment they’re destined to get together, but does it really happen in real life? Well according to the scientists it is possible. A 2010 study at Syracuse University suggested that twelve parts of the brain work together to release euphoria inducing chemicals as you fall in love, and that this can happen in the space of just five seconds.

When we first meet someone we can decide whether we are attracted to them in less than a second. Although we’re not necessarily aware of it, our brains are applying a predetermined set of rules. Is he the right height? Do we like his hair? What is his voice like? Is he smiling? Do his clothes suit our sense of style? Does his intelligence level seem to match mine? If all the boxes are ticked then we can find ourselves falling in love very quickly.

Of course not everyone has a love at first sight experience, and the majority of long term relationships don’t start that way. Generally the better you get to know somebody, and the more your interact with them, the more you will find them attractive, so even if you’re not completely swept off your feet in the first moments, it’s probably worth sticking around to see what will develop.