Did you purchase special lingerie for your wedding?

Did you purchase special lingerie for your wedding?

Four in five brides buy special lingerie for their wedding

Most brides spend a lot of time and effort putting together their wedding outfits, but it’s not just what’s on show that is important according to an Easy Weddings poll. Almost 80% of brides buy special lingerie for their wedding, with 59% buying underwear for the wedding day itself and 67% choosing something special for the wedding night.

For many brides shopping for wedding lingerie is as important as buying the wedding dress itself. You want to be looking and feeling great on your wedding day and knowing that you are wearing gorgeous lingerie underneath your bridal gown will put an extra spring in your step and you walk down the aisle.

There is also a practical side to wedding lingerie. Many wedding dresses are strapless, or have low cut backs or similar features. For this reason it’s crucial to find lingerie that works with your dress so the overall look isn’t ruined by a stray bra strap, and you have plenty of support to guarantee a good shape all day long. As wedding dresses are usually white or ivory you may need to look for something of a similar colour, or perhaps flesh coloured, so that your lingerie doesn’t show through the material.

Although many couples have lived together before getting married, the wedding night should still be a special occasion for both of you, and two thirds of brides buy special lingerie to change into after the wedding. Whether you choose a simple chemise or a sexy ensemble, dressing up for your wedding night makes it an extra special occasion.

21% of brides that responded to the poll said they did not buy special lingerie for their wedding at all. Perhaps they already had a good supply of beautiful lingerie to choose from, or maybe new underwear wasn’t their top priority when preparing for the wedding. Another alternative of course might be that they chose not to wear any lingerie at all on the big day!