Emily and Greg stay close to home for informal modern city wedding

London pair Emily Dimmock and Greg Spencer only had to walk around the corner to their informal modern city wedding.

“We wanted to have an informal wedding that reflected us, in the place we live, and with food from places we know and love,” Greg, 31, says of the February 18, 2017 celebrations.

The couple, who have been together since university, wed at Asylum, Peckham (a 10-minute walk from their home) in front of 95 guests, before dancing the night away at converted warehouse venue Brixton East.

Emily, 30, says she loved that she and her bridesmaids could get ready at home.

“The ceremony wasn’t until 4pm so I had a relaxing morning followed by a champagne brunch at my house. Then… we spent about three hours getting ready. It was so fun, and I loved being able to get ready at home,” she says.

“The whole day worked out exactly how we wanted it to – fun, relaxed and no stresses. It was such a happy day – I actually had a cheek spasm at one point I was smiling so much!

“There were so many highlights – from yoga and brunch with my bridesmaids to finishing at 2am dancing with everyone to LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Alice Holt Photography.

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“I liked the idea of wearing separates – it felt more modern and in keeping with the style of the wedding, and I wanted to be comfortable and relaxed,” Emily says of her wedding outfit.



Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_SBS_009 Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_SBS_013



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“I met Emily at the back of the chapel and we walked down the aisle together – we’ve been together so long and we felt the idea of Emily being given away to me seemed odd,” Greg says.



Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_023 Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_026




The couple put so much faith in their florist – a friend from university – that they gave her free rein. “The brief from us was ‘do whatever you think best’ so I had no idea what they were going to look like and she absolutely nailed it,” Emily says of the wedding flowers.


Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_031 Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_033
Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_036 Emily_Greg_Informal-Modern-City-Wedding_034




The couple added a touch of sparkle to the venue decor with coloured light-up letters.

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