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Updated on: March 24, 2022

Look out! Easy Weddings is getting a face lift. But not in a botchy Botox kind of way.

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If you read any of our pro-education articles before, you’ll know that we’re all about helping businesses grow. Well, that evolution and innovation extends to us as well!

We sat down at Easy Weddings HQ to reflect on who we are as a brand and whether or not the visual identity that we’d grown comfortable with (and even fond of) was relevant to our audience.

With the help of our brand agency, Milkable, we discovered that there were changes that we could make to get our brand up to scratch for the millennial audience, as well as how we want to represent you as modern wedding suppliers.

It centres around redesigning the Easy Weddings brand to communicate what we’re really about

  • Modern
  • Elegant
  • Fun
  • Quality
  • Unisex

But our rebrand goes deeper than just these few keywords. For us, and our founders Matt and Katrina Butterworth, it’s about how we’ve evolved as a business, and as a service to our couples and our suppliers. Our internal culture is now becoming external, with a focus on making our logo and colours more general neutral and inclusive, while staying current.

The last time we updated the Easy Weddings logo was in 2006. We know that Easy Weddings has evolved into a larger brand over the years and we are a more premium brand and service than we were in the early days of 2006.

So it gives us great pleasure to announce the rollout of our gorgeous new branding sitewide.

This will be staged across several parts, starting with the new logo across the Easy Weddings site and our social media platforms. We’ll continue this with the designing of our pro-education newsletters for suppliers, all the while transitioning to new colours and fonts across the site.

Soon you’ll also be presented with new badges from Easy Weddings which you’ll be able to access through WedCRM to input onto your website.

Keep your eyes peeled for more changes to the Easy Weddings site over the next few months! We hope you love the new branding as much as we do.

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