Insider Interview with Kerrie from Magical Makeovers

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Updated on: March 24, 2022

We spoke to Kerrie from Magical makeovers about her tips on being in the wedding industry and her experiences as part of an award winning wedding business.


Tell us a bit about your business and your experience in the wedding industry.

Magical Makeovers is a multi award winning team of professional hair and makeup artists that are fully mobile to our clients.

What do you do to make your business stand out?

We try to have all forms of advertising covered, from print media, social media, online directories and referrals from other suppliers. Our point of difference that makes us stand apart from our competitors is that size of our team which covers more areas without travel costs, and offers a unique opportunity to find a perfect ‘fit’ within the team. We use every opportunity to build our reviews and have the most in the country in our service industry. We are quite unique in our approach and our level of customer service and are the only company that offers back up for wedding days if the staff are unwell.


How do current couples differ from couples a few years back?

Brides are far more discerning and use inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram for their wedding plans. They are shopping around to get the best price and taking great care to make decisions.

What are some current trends you are noticing in the wedding industry?

Informal weddings are becoming more popular, tradition is becoming a thing of the past. Restaurants and wineries seem to be on the increase.


What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned recently that’s helped your business?

Keep your website fresh and modern.

 If you could give one piece of advice to a brand new wedding professional what would it be?

For new wedding professionals; start small, create good networking opportunities with expos and networking groups. Meet with others that may be in an area that would recommend your business. Offer these businesses a small gesture from your business so they can see what your work is like.


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