10 Outstanding Wedding Videographers In The South West

Finding the perfect videographer for your wedding day can be hard, with lots of different companies out there all offering a fantastic service but each videographer offers something different. It’s their styles and personality through their videos is what will help you make you the right choice for your wedding. South West has plenty of talented and professional videographers to decide on, we have picked 10 for you to showcase their work.

Cupcake Wedding Videos

Cupcake Wedding Videos is a unique and professional videography company based in Devon and has been videoing couples wedding days for many years. Their style is cinematic which touch of vintage making it stand out from the crowd. They will attend your wedding day and slip into the background capturing all those magical moments as the day unfolds. With all the footage and emotions of the day, your wedding video will be created for you to watch it time and time again. Get in touch to discuss your wedding plans and their packages.

Vercesivideo Productions

Vercesivideo Productions is based in Cornwall and offers a fantastic service for your wedding day. They are professional, creative and reliable and will be there from start to finish to ensure they capture every last detail of your special day. They also offer aerial views of your day which is a FAB addition to your wedding video making it unique. Your wedding movie will be full of emotions, special moments and with your own choice of backdrop music. There is a range of packages to choose from depending on your requirements and budget.

Piran Films

Piran Films is a profession and reliable wedding videography company that is situated in Cornwall and will capture your special day on video. They will be there from start to finish on your wedding day to capture every little detail of your day which then creates your beautiful wedding movie with your own choice of music. Each video is creative, inspiring and full of love and romance and in high quality. Get in touch to book this talented company for your wedding day.

Velvet Wedding Studio

Velvet Wedding Studio is run by Peter and he is sole videographer who captures your special day in motion. Peter is based in Gloucestershire and has been working in the wedding industry for many years now and enjoys working with each individual couple in creating their very own wedding movie. He will blend into your wedding guests and take footage of your day, capturing every single detail and then creates your wedding video watching the day unfold again. A professional, talented and creative videographer who will not disappoint.

Lucy Drake Wedding Films

wedding videographers south west

Lucy Drake Wedding Films is situated in Gloucestershire and is the sister company of Adam Drake Photography. Lucy Drake wedding films have been capturing people’s magical day on video since 2011 and pride themselves on high-quality videos with plenty of fun, emotions, romance and entertainment. They will be there on your wedding day to collate all the important moments of your special day and then transforms this into your wedding movie with your choice of music to compliment it. Get in touch to book this company for your wedding.

88 Films Wedding Videographers

wedding videographers south west

88 Films Wedding Videographers is based in Wiltshire and are a wonderful videography company they pride themselves on high-quality wedding videos with a cinematic style. They will be there on your start from getting ready to the first dance capturing all those magical moments of your wedding day, you will not know they are there as they blend into the crowds which, in turn, captured all natural footage. They then work their magic and with your choice of music create your perfect wedding video.

T & G Weddings

T & G Weddings offer a professional, creative and inspiring wedding video for your wedding day. Based in Bristol and with over 10 years’ experience working as a wedding videographer, they pride themselves on delivering high quality and moving wedding videos that capture all those wonderful memories of your wedding day that you can watch time and time again. They tailor-make all their wedding packages to ensure your wedding movie is unique you both. Get in touch to book this wonderful company.

Plato Video

Plato Video is based in Dorset and is a family business that has been running since 1960. The company is still run by Lionel and his two sons, Charles and Harry. They pride themselves on offering a wonderful service for capturing your wedding day, with high definition wedding movies, a creative touch and will be full of all those magical moments captured from your wedding day so you can relive it time and time again. They also offer the Super 8 film, which is a unique style that is only offered by a hand full of videographers in the UK.

The Wedding Filming Company

wedding videographers south west

The Wedding Filming Company is based in Somerset and has been working in the industry for over 30 years now. Steve is the man behind this professional and creative company that offers a fantastic service. His work is natural cinematic style wedding videos that capture all your memorable elements of your wedding day and transforms into a wonderful movie that you can watch over and over again and share with the people you love. Steve offers a range of packages that will suit your needs and budget.

Rhubarb and Martini Wedding Videography

Rhubarb and Martini Wedding Videography is a talented and creative videography company based in Somerset that will be sure to create you a wonderful wedding video that captures all those important moments of your special day. They pride themselves on creative and inspiring wedding footage that then gets created in a short 6-8 HD film that can be watched time and time again. This company will be sure to capture your wedding day in motion and portrait all those emotions in your wedding film.

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