Wedding video ideas to inspire you

You’re sure to enjoy your wedding video – after all you will be the stars of the show and it will feature all the people you love. However, to make sure other people enjoy it you might want to add some unique features. Here are some wedding video ideas to inspire you.

wedding video

Create a wedding video trailer

Shortening the footage into a high impact ‘trailer’ that has all the highlights set to an energetic soundtrack is a good way to share your memories, as not all your guests will want to view the entire wedding video. Many couples opt to publish their trailer online or on Facebook and then to print a link to it in their thank you notes.

Get guest messages on film

Asking your guests to record filmed messages for your wedding video adds a very personal touch to the final product. Make your guests feel less self-conscious about recording their message in front all the other guests by organising a separate video room with a comfortable sofa and a static video camera.

Include a unique video feature

Adding an unusual section to your wedding video such as ‘trash the dress’ is a great idea. The trash the dress ritual involves the bride wearing her bridal dress after the wedding and getting small children cover her in paint, jumping around in muddy puddles, or finding alternative ways to trash the gown. You don’t need to go to this extreme, but adding a unique feature at the end of your wedding video is a good idea.


Tell the whole story

When you’re compiling your wedding video don’t limit yourself to the special day itself, but add short sections of film showing the lead up to the wedding. You can include footage of the dress fittings and the wedding planning, the engagement, hen, and stag parties, together with the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Your coverage of each aspect might be limited, but you will have an interesting video showing the entire wedding story.

Ask for all the video footage

Ask your videographer if you can get all the footage they have filmed on a different DVD from the edited version to ensure that in a couple of years, when the memories of the special day are fading, you can sit down and view it all. While your guests won’t want to watch through hours of wedding video footage, you and your new husband may wish to do so at some point.

Use a professional musical soundtrack

A professional editor will ensure the tempo of the music fits well with each part of the video, and that scene changes in the video are right on the beat of the music. Setting your wedding video footage to a soundtrack may not sound that complicated, but ensuring the images and music work seamlessly together can be rather difficult. Don’t just restrict yourself to music. Using the audio of the father of the bride’s speech over a picture montage of the bride getting ready can instantly bring a tear to the eye.

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