Top 20 wedding car providers in Brighouse

In West Yorkshire, lies the market town of Brighouse. This lovely area of Yorkshire is idyllic for a wedding. Here are our top 20 providers that service Brighouse.

Horgans Wedding Cars 

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Travelling to your wedding is a once in lifetime experience. If you’ve always pictured this experience happening in a beautiful vintage style car, then you’re in luck. Horgans Wedding Cars specialise in beautiful 1930s style vehicles like their Royale Windsor Landaulette which is a partial open top beauty in navy and white. Also find in their fleet classics like the Beauford Tourer and the unique Asquith Charabanc Omnibus. So many vintage style beauties await you at Horgans.

Little Limos 

little limos wedding car providers brighouse

The team at Little Limos provide fabulous chauffeur-driven vintage Volkswagen vehicles for wedding hire. See their stunning collection of VWs including their 1979 Karmann Beetle Cabriolet that comes all in white, including the interior. Say if you’re after something a little roomier than this petite beauty, you could hire one of their campervans. These campers are from the 60s and 70s and are all as stunning as each other. Choose from white, lime white, red and salmon pink as the colour of your wedding camper. So many vintage delights to be seen at Little Limos.

Carols Wedding Cars and Limousines 

carols wedding cars and limousines

Carols Wedding Cars and Limousines are a friendly family-run team who have over 12 years of expertise in the wedding car hire business. This team, while not offering a huge fleet, have a lot of variety in their vehicles. Choose from authentic 1930s and 1950s luxury cars. For classic wedding styling, their Daimler limousine and Rolls Royce Silver Shadow are excellent choices. For something lengthier, this team even offer a stretch limousine. Check out their fleet and be surprised.

Cartwright’s Cars 

cartwrights cars wedding car providers brighouse

The team at Cartwright’s Cars are all about making your first steps into marriage truly special. They love to be there to help you create those magical memories that you’ll always remember. This team are all about that great service. You’ll find that when you book with them there are no hidden costs and you’ll get a complimentary bottle of Champagne, along with the actual wedding transport (it’s not just about the bubbly!), a uniformed chauffeur, cars ribbons and ample time with the car for photos. If this service sounds downright peachy to you, then check out their fleet. You’ll find vintage style delights, modern luxury cars, a bright red Ferrari and a very cool pink Cadillac.

AJ Limousines

aj limousines wedding car providers brighouse

AJ Limousines is made up a team of true professionals that value commitment and passion. This team have been in the wedding car hire industry since 2003, so they sure know a thing or two about hiring out cars and doing it right. With this team you’ll find a collection of beautiful luxury vehicles. All the cars in this fleet are modern, although some of them have fabulous vintage styling. See their Rolls Royce Phantoms for a classic wedding car. Or for something with those old-timey vibes, go for their 1920s style Beauford and Bramwith cars. So much luxuriousness in one little fleet.

Special Wedding Cars 

special wedding cars, wedding car providers brighouse

At Special Wedding Cars, you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to give you that high quality chauffeur-driven wedding car experience you’ve been searching for. This team only have one car in their possession but it’s an absolute beauty. The car available is a purposely built wedding car that is hugely popular. It’s a Beauford Convertible that comes in classic ivory. Sit back and relax on the luxurious cream leather seats as you’re driven in true style to your perfect wedding. This dedicated team and beautiful car awaits.

Dovecote Wedding Cars 

dovecote wedding cars, wedding car providers brighouse

The team at Dovecote Wedding Cars are all about providing professional service so that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. If you go with Dovecote, you’ll be guaranteed a stylish and comfortable ride that is so super easy to book and organise. It’ll probably be the easiest thing you book for your wedding, in fact! If you love vintage cars, then you definitely have to checkout Dovecote’s fleet. Find gorgeous, unique, interesting and authentic models from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. So much vintage goodness in this stunning fleet.

Platinum Wedding Cars 

platinum wedding cars wedding car providers brighouse

At Platinum Wedding Cars you’ll find an amazing collection of cars to consider for your wedding. Find vintage, classic and limousines in this extensive collection from a team who is all about providing great style and comfort for your wedding day transport. See their genuine 1926 Rolls Royce for a truly beautiful piece of history. Their collection of 1980s Daimler limousines are the perfect stately cars for a wedding. And their collection of Grooms cars ranges from vintage chic to modern luxury.

Legends Wedding Services

legends wedding services, wedding car providers brighouse

If you’re after a car provider that has a extensive range of perfect vintage alongside modern luxury vehicles, then look no further, Legends Wedding Services are here. This team are committed to maintaining their big and beautiful fleet immaculately, so you needn’t worry about quality with this team. Sit back in your chauffeur-driven car of choice and arrive to your wedding in perfect style. In their fleet you’ll find such beauties as a 1953 Triumph Renown and a 1961 Austin Princess. With so many more delights in this fleet, don’t hesitate to check them out.

Primrose Wedding Cars 

primrose wedding cars wedding car providers brighouse
The team at Primrose Wedding Cars have the experience and the dispositions to give you the best experience for your wedding car hire. This team has more than three decades in the business and comprises of courteous and friendly professionals. In terms of what’s on offer, with this team you’ll find just one beautiful car. It’s a 1930s era Rolls Royce Landaulette, which comes in light yellow and black. This beautiful car is perfect for weddings with its classic styling and vintage charm.

Classic Vehicles of Yesteryear 

wedding cars brighouse

For couples who love a bit of vintage charm, Classics Vehicles of Yesteryear is the wedding car provider for you. This team have a beautiful collection of vintage cars with makes from Rolls Royce, Morris, Austin and Jaguar. Find your perfect vintage car in this fabulous collection.

Exclusive Wedding Cars 

wedding cars brighouse

Exclusive Wedding Cars are a family run business who are here to offer professional and friendly service. This team offer a largely hand-built fleet which is impressive to see. 6 of the cars in the fleet of 7 have been built by the owner, with the exception of their classic Daimler. Check out this incredible fleet today.

Wyatt Wedding Cars 

wedding cars brighouse

At Wyatt Wedding Cars, you’ll find a team who specialise in chauffeur-driven wedding car hire that is irresistible. This team offer such amazing makes in their fleet as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Triumph. Make sure to check out their amazing vintage beauties today. You’ll love what you find.

Premier Limousines

wedding cars brighouse

If you’re looking to hire a modern car or limousine for your upcoming wedding, then premier Limousines may be the perfect wedding car provider for you. This team offer a selection of the most immaculate vehicles for hire. They are dedicated to their service and they will go the extra mile to ensure that you arrive at your wedding relaxed and completely worry-free. Let the team at Premier Limousines take care of your wedding car hire.

A.C.E. Wedding Cars 

wedding cars brighouse

The team at A.C.E. Wedding Cars are here to provide you with professional service that is of the highest quality. This team are all about catering to the needs of their clients. With this, they ensure that their service, packages and everything else is tailored to suit you. With that in mind, it’s now time to check out their beautiful car. This team offer their 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow for your wedding car hire. This crisp white vintage charmer really looks the part and is totally luxurious.

VW Big Day

wedding cars brighouse

If you’re after quirky wedding car hire for your upcoming wedding, then VW Big Day may be the perfect hire car company for you. This team have a fabulous Volkswagen Splitscreen Campervan up for hire for your upcoming wedding. This lovingly restored beauty is the coolest way to arrive at your wedding and perfect if you’re a fan of that groovy 1970s style. The camper that this team have on offer is white and storm grey coloured, which are the perfect colours to match any wedding theme.

Great Expectations 

wedding cars brighouse

Great Expectations are a team who are here to offer their luxury service and luxury selection of vehicles for your upcoming wedding. This team offer their Jaguar XJ for wedding hire and this beauty is as sleek, elegant and refined as they come. Along with this beautiful Jaguar, you’ll also be provided with a friendly chauffeur who will be there on the day to not only drive you to your wedding, but also assist you with anything that you need. Your luxury car, will also come decked out in flowers or ribbons in the colour of your choice. Have your expectations exceeded with this dedicated team.

Wedding Cars Sheffield 

wedding cars sheffield

Wedding Cars Sheffield are here to offer their collection of vintage modern cars for your wedding. This team are adamant that they have something in their fleet that will suit everyone’s tastes. Your wedding day is such an important day and this team realise this. This is why they are so dedicated to their work to make sure your big and special day goes off without a hitch. Have this team escort you to your wedding in one of their beautiful and luxurious cars.

Wedding Car Hire in Wakefield 

wedding cars brighouse

The team at Wedding Car Hire in Wakefield are here to offer their bespoke wedding car hire service. This team are all about customisation. They offer tailored quotes and packages to their clients, because everyone is different and this team like to celebrate that. In their fleet, you’ll find an amazing collection of Volkswagen vehicles for you to consider. You’ll find amazing Campervans and Beetles, that are genuine vintage and genuinely adorable. Pick this team today for that great tailored service and super fun and quirky wedding car hire that won’t disappoint.

Eternity Wedding Cars 

wedding cars brighouse

Eternity Wedding Cars are a standout wedding car company, as they are adamant that their customers don’t feel rushed on their big day. To combat this, they only book one wedding per day. This means that should something go wrong or if there are delays in scheduling, you won’t need to worry about your chauffeur driving off and leaving you stranded. No, this team are customer-focused and dedicated to bring complete customer satisfaction to every single wedding they work at. With that great service and two fabulous vintage knockouts to choose from, Eternity Wedding Cars are not to be missed.

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