Options for destination wedding videography

Having a video of your wedding is lovely wherever you get married, but if you’re jetting off to an exotic location with stunning scenery and gorgeous weather, capturing it all on film will be even more important. If you’re getting married overseas here are a few things to think about with your destination wedding videography.

destination wedding video

Where to hire your videographer

There are two options for destination wedding videography – using a videographer that is local to the location, often provided by the venue, or hiring someone at home to take with you. It may be advantageous to employ a videographer in the UK to travel to your wedding with you, should you be concerned about your ideas getting lost in translation but this can be expensive. Using the local videographer will be a bit of an unknown and will also mean checking the format of the DVD to see if it will be playable when you get back at home.

Check what’s included in your package

Whilst some destination wedding packages offer a wedding video as standard, you need to consider what you will receive for your money. Some things you to bear in mind include the videographer’s experience, how much footage will be received, and the anticipated tone of the finished piece.

Consider additional footage

One option is to ask for all the footage from the local videographer, which can be combined with your own film and photographs, and those of your guests. Don’t worry either about not being able to edit it together yourself, this can be transformed into a wedding film by a professional when you’re back at home. Alongside footage of the ceremony and reception, maybe your final edit could include video taken during the flight, your pre- wedding preparations, and guests enjoying the holiday.


Make the most of the scenery

As the key feature of any destination wedding is the landscape experienced, make sure you capture on film any spectacular sights or landmarks, as well as local customs or festivals. If your venue is well known for beautiful sunsets or sunrises, make sure you get these on film.

Respect locals’ privacy

Always ask permission before filming any locals, or having them in the back of your shot. Consider that some people may not want to be filmed for cultural reasons. Couples filming in the airport will also do well to avoid annoying those at customs or immigration.

A traditional soundtrack

Traditional music always works well on destination wedding videos. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have it played at your wedding, it will just give the viewers a flavour of the country you experienced.

Have your honeymoon included

If you’re having your honeymoon at the same resort as your wedding, include both events in one video so they dovetail seamlessly. If you don’t want to have a video camera with you on your honeymoon you can simply include a montage of photographs at the end of the film.

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