5 ways to spend the night before your wedding (from real couples)

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Updated on: November 11, 2021

Do you know what you’re going to do the night before your impending nuptials? Instead of pacing back and forth wondering if you forgot to re-center the welcome sign, maybe you should have a nice relaxing night with your pals instead? Here are what some real couples did or plan to do the night before their wedding:

  1. Real Bride Elise: “A sleepover with one of your bridesmaids! I’m staying at my parent’s house with one of my bridesmaids who is coming over from England. We did the same thing when she got married. I plan to watch some trashy movies, I’ll wear my bride to be pajamas, we’ll have a few drinks with my bridesmaids, brother, sister and mum. And of course, I will snuggle my dog!”

    night before your wedding
    Proof that Elise’s dog, Zeus, is an angel that has blessed us with his presence here on earth.
  2.  Real Bride Lucy: “I stayed in a huge and amazing AirBnB with my family, niece, and nephews and my partner. We had our own space separate to their house, but the whole thing was so beautiful, modern and chic. It was also in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and absolutely stunning. We sipped champagne and had a few family members and friends over the night before and had a really relaxing night. Having my partner there with me relaxed me and helped me focus on excitement rather than stress. ”
    night before your wedding
    Image by The Love Jug

    night before your wedding
    Image by The Love Jug
  3. Real bride Shann:“I  had all of my bridesmaid’s sleepover at my place, we did some face masks, washed off our tans and watched movies. It was the perfect way to spend the night before my wedding!”

    night before your wedding
    Shann with her bridesmaids. Photos courtesy of Blossom Daisy Creative.
  4. Real bride Alex: “I spent the night before my wedding exactly the same way as I usually spend weeknights. At home, watching Netflix with my Fiancee! We honestly couldn’t think of any better way to spend it than together. And I think it did help with the stress as I didn’t need to overthink or make any more plans. Weddings are enough planning. You shouldn’t have to over plan the night before too! ”

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    night before your wedding
  5. Real bride Kait: “I was staying in a hotel in Bali with my two bridesmaids. We went swimming in the hotel pool early in the evening, ordered room service after that. We drank way too much, cried hysterically of laugher sharing old stories and played card games. I think we went to bed at about 4am because we were having so much fun but I have zero regrets.

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    How do you want to spend the night before your wedding? Leave a comment below.

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