Why you need a wedding videographer

Waiting for your wedding day to come around may feel like a lifetime but once it arrives it can whizz passed in a blur. The small moments on your big day are ones you will want to remember forever, but it’s easy for them to be left behind and forgotten in the haze of a busy and emotionally charged day. Hiring a wedding videographer is one way of capturing those small moments at your wedding and preserving them forever. Here’s why you need one.

It captures thoughts and feelings

Photographs are an integral part of your wedding day and these single moment stops can be heart-stoppingly lovely. A video however goes a step deeper, capturing those gestures, words, and movements that create those special moments. Most good videographers will create more than a document of your day; briefly interviewing family and friends to capture their well wishes and feelings on the day of your wedding. This is something wonderful to watch back after the event, providing an extra layer of meaning to your memory.

It tells the whole story

Think of your wedding video as a cinematic event. Videographers edit your very own wedding story, from setting the scene with shots of your venue and preparations, to the emotionally charged ceremony and party atmosphere at the reception. By carefully threading together shots with music or even graphics, they create a piece of art that goes beyond recording your wedding on film. This is your very own starring role and one you will want to relive again and again.

It’s a way to share your day

Inevitably there will be those who can’t attend your wedding day. Whether you have close friends and family who can’t attend due to illness, distance, or work commitments, a video means you can provide them with an immersive perspective of your day. It may never be the same as being there in person, but a great video is about as close as anyone can get. If you have people you love scattered around the globe, a wedding video may be a must.

It creates a time capsule of your day

Five, ten, or even twenty years after your wedding, memories of your day will begin to curl and fade. Being able to pull out the wedding video is a way to relive a special moment and keep memories alive for years to come. It’s something you can share with children who may not have been born at your wedding and if you have parents or grandparents that captured their wedding on film you’ll know a wedding video can become a treasured family heirloom.

The cost?

Wedding videography varies in cost depending on the package that you choose, so if you’re worried about the impact on your budget do a little research before you put this idea aside. For some couples, videography simply won’t be a priority but you should always ask yourself whether you will regret not being able to watch your wedding back. If the answer is a maybe or more, it’s worth looking at videography a little more closely.

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