How to get the perfect wedding spray tan

Gorgeously tanned skin looks fabulous against the white or ivory of a wedding dress, but as we become more aware of the dangers of overexposing our skin to the sun many brides are choosing to fake it. Read our top tips on getting the perfect wedding spray tan.

wedding spray tan

How do I prepare for a fake tan?

Your skin must be clear of any moisturiser, oils, deodorants, make-up or perfumes before the spray is applied. These products act as a barrier, and have a negative impact on your spray tan. It is also vital that you exfoliate your skin paying particular attention to knees, elbows and heels before having your spray tan. If you need to wax or shave you should do this at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure the pores of your skin are closed. Shower a couple of hours before you have your tan so your skin has enough time to cool down.

What should I wear in the tanning booth?

You may choose to wear underwear in the tanning booth or not. Most people wear just a thong to get an overall tan, but this is a personal choice so wear what you feel comfortable in.

How long does the tanning session last?

A spray tan usually takes 10 minutes and with the heat systems on tanning machines you should be free to go out and get on with the rest of your day within 20 minutes.  However people have different levels of moisture in their skin so drying times will vary depending on the individual skin type.

What should I do after?

It is advisable to wear dark coloured, loose fitting clothing after your spray tan. During the development time you should try not to get your skin wet.  If your skin does get into contact with water, dab it dry, do not rub, put a little bit of moisturiser on the affected area blending to an even colour. Avoid activities that make you perspire more than usual as this will reduce the effect of the tanning solution.

wedding spray tan

Here are some tips for the bride on getting the perfect wedding spray tan:

Don’t go too dark

The aim of your tan is that all of your guests will be making comments on how radiant and healthy you look, not making enquiries about the brand of your fake tan. Really dark tans can look a bit odd with romantic white wedding dresses, and for weddings, lighter is better.  Make sure you tell the spray tanning technician to give you a colour that is a “golden glow” or “golden hue”.

Give yourself two days

Have your spray tan two days before your wedding day to ensure you look your best. Spray tan takes approximately 10 hours to completely develop and often look its best on the second day. Also, if you need to do any touch ups to your tan this will give you enough time.

Have a test spray tan

Don’t take any risks, make sure you have a test spray tan at least one month before your wedding day with a professional spray tanning technician. Have someone take a photo of you with your new tan after the trial so you will know what your skin is going to look like on your wedding photos.

Buy some touch up

Your tan needs to look immaculate on your big day so buy a small bottle of touch up solution, just in-case. To guarantee you get the same coverage and colour as you did at your trial have your wedding spray tan in the same salon, and where possible with the same tanning technician. Make sure you spray tan with the same solution that you were satisfied with during your test run.

Tan the whole bridal party

If all (including groom and ushers) of your wedding party have a light tan, it may make a considerable difference to your photos (a pale groom and a lovely sun-kissed bride might not look so wonderful!). If you are going to be tanned it really makes sense to have the whole wedding party spray tanned.

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