How to pay for your wedding yourself

Have you ever wondered how it’s actually possible to budget for your wedding and avoid spending every spare cent on candles and flowers? To avoid eating instant noodles for the next 10 months, read on to find out how to pay for your wedding yourselves.

Planning tools

Use the Easy Weddings budget calculator to gauge how much you plan to spend per category- maybe you only want to spend £250 on your dress but want to spend £5,000 on flowers because that’s the most important element for you. Make estimates now (always budget for the higher end of the scale) and decide on a rough figure that you want to spend. Get organised ASAP to make your dream wedding a reality.

Logic (duh)

Once you have this estimate, £15,000 for example, divide this by how many months you have to go. This is how much from each pay you need to save! This is the maximum each month you have to spend (on deposits or DIY bit and bobs) and if you don’t spend it all, let it roll over. Each month pre-plan what needs to be purchased when. Set up a timeline of when each supplier needs to be paid by according to their contracts, and plan around that. If it seems a bit far-fetched or difficult to achieve, you might need to give up your daily latte or weekly smashed avo and turmeric latte brunch for a while. And if it still seems a little out of reach, the next point might help you.

Side hustles

Jump aboard that bandwagon and get a side hustle going. Use Airtasker, Airbnb, Uber, or sell your old stuff on eBay! Whatever skills you have, use them to make some extra coin! Why not? You might have to sacrifice some social gatherings to get all of this done, but that means you will be saving even more moolah for your dream wedding! If you really don’t want to skimp on the details, then do what you can to make it perfect!

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