How to avoid illness in the lead up to your wedding

Coming up to your special day and worried you’ll contract some nasty illness and find yourself sniffling for all the wrong reasons at your wedding? Never fear – here’s how to avoid illness before your wedding.

avoid illness

Pay attention to your eating

At risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, pay special attention to what you’re putting into your mouth! If you’re eating terribly and you know it, this is where you should start if you’re worried about getting sick or feeling rundown on your special day.

Improving your eating will give you more energy to combat other stresses that come with wedding planning and that may have negative effects on your body.

Drink water

As mentioned above, this is such an obvious quick fix – but most people don’t pay attention to it! If you want fresh, hydrated skin on your wedding day, drink water! Additionally, if you do find yourself feeling rundown or weak in the run-up to your wedding, water will help to flush out whatever’s ailing you and get you back to fighting fit before no time.
avoid illness

Get enough sleep

While I understand Netflix practically demands you stay up to the early hours of the morning binge watching mindless television series, giving yourself enough sleep at night will help you fight off any illness that might fall into your path in the lead up to your wedding. If you do happen to pick up something nasty in the weeks or days before your wedding, your best bet to get over it is to allow yourself rest.

However, getting enough sleep may be difficult when succumbing to stress associated with planning a wedding.

Control your stress

Unsurprisingly, the excitement of planning a wedding comes with the high risk of stress. It’d be to your benefit to adopt stress-relieving techniques such as meditation and yoga to ensure you don’t work yourself up into a tizz and end up stressing your body to the point of illness.

Plus, stress can be harsh on your features, and you may even end up with dark circles under your eyes in the lead up to your wedding – which nobody wants!

avoid stress


While you don’t have to go crazy with the exercise (read related: Why not to lose weight for your wedding), exercise benefits our bodies in more ways than one. While the obvious reason might be to lose a few kilos, exercise will make you feel better and allow you to cope better with your wedding planning stress.

However, this is also a dubbed edged sword. Don’t go overboard with the exercise if it’s not what you usually do, as this can result in running you down and allowing you to pick up nasty illnesses before your big day.

Don’t drastically change your lifestyle

As mentioned above, it’s counterproductive to suddenly alter your lifestyle in a big way before your wedding. Maybe if you’re still a few months out, you’ll avoid any negative implications, but it’s a good idea to stick to your normal lifestyle to avoid shocking your body into stress, and ultimately allowing illness to set in.

Avoid sick people

The best way to avoid illness before your wedding is to avoid sick people altogether. If you know someone is in bed with a nasty flu, perhaps postpone visiting them until after you say ‘I do’. And, avoid illness from strangers simply by washing your hands thoroughly after being in public places, and never rub or touch your eyes as this is how people contract colds and flus. Trust me – you don’t want to be sniffling for all the wrong reasons on your wedding day!

avoid illness

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