10 bridesmaid duties you need to know

If your friend asks you to be a part of her wedding as a bridesmaid, consider it a huge honour. As a bridesmaid or maid of honour, aside from having a ball, you are obligated to help the bride with a number of things pre-wedding, during the wedding, and after the wedding. Here are 10 bridesmaid duties to remember.

Pre-wedding duties

Countless things need to be done prior to a wedding. The following are ‘must-dos’ prior to a wedding.

Bridesmaid’s Dress – This is essential. As a bridesmaid, you will be responsible for purchasing your dress and accessories. In some cases, the bride makes the choice on the style and colour of dress required. In other cases, the maid of honour could help in the selection process.

Hen Party – Help plan, pay for and attend the hen party. The maid of honour is typically in charge of this event, but all bridesmaids can contribute to the cost and planning.

Attend Pre-Wedding Events – Prior to a wedding, there are a number of events to attend. If there is one, attend the engagement party. It is necessary to be at the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Wedding and Bridal Gifts – Talk with the other bridesmaids to select wedding and bridal gifts. Pick a budget and stick to it to avoid overspending.

Help with Wedding Planning – If the bride asks for assistance with invitations, decorations, cake tasting, or other things associated with the wedding planning let her know how much you can help with and when. Do not commit to everything if you do not have the time.

During the wedding

These items are things you can expect to take care of on the wedding day to help keep the bride calm, looking good, and organised.

Emergency Kit – The bride has so many things on her mind that they last thing she needs to worry about is carrying around an emergency kit. The emergency kit should contain make up for doing any necessary touch-ups, dental floss, safety pins, aspirin, a cell phone, and other essentials to help the bride in a pinch when an emergency strikes.

Dance – One of the best parts of a wedding is being able to cut loose at the reception and have some fun. Whereas most of the guests have the option to dance, as a bridesmaid, there is an expectation that you are the upbeat party people. So get out on the dance floor and dance. You will not be alone as the groomsmen are responsible for dancing as well.

Be the Bride’s personal mirror – Throughout the wedding day, the bride is going to be meeting and greeting many people. She is going to be so busy she may forget to check her makeup, her hair, or she may need someone to tell her she has food in her teeth. As a bridesmaid, or maid of honour, you are responsible for ensuring the bride looks her best.

After the wedding: bridesmaids duties continue

Gifts – The newlyweds may assign this duty to someone else, but as a bridesmaid discuss with the bride who will be responsible for gathering all of the wedding gifts after the ceremony, and taking them either to the newlyweds home or alternative location for safe keeping until they return from their honeymoon.

Clean up – In some cases, the bridal party – bridesmaids and groomsmen – may need to stay after the reception to help clean up the venue. Verify with the bride and groom prior to the wedding day if this will be required of you or if there is a cleanup crew on staff at the reception venue.

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