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Liz S says:

11 Jul 2018

I am a very reluctant gym go-er but I as I get older, my body has changed over the last few years in my thirties and eating everything I want, no longer works. I have worked with Monika over the last few years on and off. The results I previously achieved were impressive to say the least. I need someone like Monika behind me, motivating me – Monika regularly checks in on me, whether I am stretching, moving and eating well and also reminding me of my targets. Monika is very much in tune with what I need – she works with my body shape and areas of concerns and is very well informed on the body’s biology so can tailor her training approach. I would highly recommend training with Monika.

Jayne S says:

11 Jul 2018

Monika is the best personal trainer. She is reliable and flexible and has helped me work towards my training goals. She also gives expert nutritional advice. Most importantly she makes training really enjoyable and adapts each session. You can't go wrong with Mon!

Katy S says:

11 Jul 2018

I cannot recommend Monika enough - I was a size 12, 33 year old gym virgin surviving on a diet of pasta pesto, red wine and walkers crisps. I met Monika as a promotion for the gym i joined, her first port of call was my diet, by following her advice I gave up sugar, pasta and alcohol, within two weeks I felt amazing and had lost 4% body fat! within 6 months on her tailored 2 hour weekly ex. programme. I was lean, fit and gorgeous! the biggest gain for me my energy levels, endurance and strength, I was up for anything my 6 year old son threw at me, I even learnt to do a headstand (which I can still do now!) Monika changed the way I looked at food and exercise, If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it and give it everything you have as it will actually change your life.

Gabriela M says:

11 Jul 2018

I can highly recommend Perfect Balance Wellbeing services. They are professional and filled up all my expectation they are very professional and took extra step to help me to achieve my goals.

Iyiola J says:

11 Jul 2018

Monika has more than just helped me through the preparation for my wedding day. In the space of 3 months, through her guidance and assistance (and a lot of motivation) I have shed 2.5 stone in weight and looked and felt on top of the world. It is more than just ‘training’. Perfect Balance Wellbeing works on all the aspects of healthy lifestyle, making sure you truly get the results. Cannot recommend enough.