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Hi, folks and welcome to the new Easy Weddings blogs.

We’re Australia’s No. 1 wedding destination and we’re really excited to expand our offerings to brides across the country (and the world!).

Today, we launch four blogs, the main Easy Weddings blog, which will be filled with tips, tricks, news and other juicy, but general wedding-related tid bits; the EasyExperts blog, where some of the best brains in the industry will share their tips on everything from photography and cake-making to choosing a wedding dress and fitness tips; and the Real Brides blog, where real brides share their journeys up the wedding aisle!

There’s also a Celebrities blog, filled with the most up-to-date celebrity engagement and wedding news.

In coming weeks, expect to see loads of new content, exclusives and tips that you won’t find anywhere else. We’d love your feedback (good or bad), so feel free to leave messages below or email us at social@easyweddings.com.au!

Welcome and thanks for joining us,


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  1. Sue Fischer says:

    When the groom’s parent’s are divorced and groom’s mum is unattached, should she be asking the groom’s dad to dance with her??? instead of groom’s dad dancing with his current partner? (bridal waltz/dance) Please can someone help me with my dilemma?

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