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Tips on choosing your wedding night accommodation

According to tradition, it is the groom’s task to organise the wedding night accommodation, but it’s a good idea to voice your own opinion on the subject in order to avoid any disappointment.... Read more

Finding the perfect accommodation for wedding guests

Tying the knot in a large hotel where all your guests can book accommodation is beneficial for numerous reasons. For a start, it allows your invited group of friends and family to spend more of the... Read more

Top tips for bridal party accommodation

What's going to happen to your bridal party once the party has died down and you're snuggled up in bed? Will you have provided digs for your bridal party? Unless you are getting married locally, it... Read more

Making your out of town guest feel welcome

While all guests go to great lengths to attend your special celebration, those that are traveling from out of town, or even from another country, generally have to make the most effort. They will... Read more

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