Unleashing my inner Martha…

Happy New Year!!

Well with Christmas and New Year’s out of the way – it is time to delve back into the wonderful world of wedding planning!!  The nifty EW wedding planner tells me that it’s 74 days til my wedding – not sure where the time went.

But I have finally put my skates on and finished a few DIY projects that I can share with you guys 😀 So between my two great loves (aside from Craig) eBay and Spotlight I had everything I needed to create some pieces for the reception.

First – our wishing well, for all the cards at our reception as we are having a honeymoon registry in lieu of gifts. I bought the suit cases from eBay and the paint, glue, brushes and card from Spotlight. The retro travel stickers were courtesy of iStock.


Wedding planning DIY bride groom wishing well

Wishing well – Front

Wedding planning DIY bride groom wishing well

Wishing well – right side

Wedding planning DIY bride groom wishing well

Wishing well – Back

Wedding planning DIY bride groom wishing well

Wishing well – Left side


I also finished my cake toppers – all I need to do is glue them to a stand so they are a little less unstable! Enter Spotlight, my DIY saviour, they had the perfect plywood coasters that worked a treat. While I was traipsing around the store I also found the ribbon I needed for the cake tiers and flowers.


Wedding Cake planning DIY bride groom

Our cake toppers

Wedding Cake planning DIY bride groomWedding Cake planning DIY bride groom


The blank Kokeshi dolls are from Etsy and then the rest is my handiwork – they have been given two thumbs up by Craig!

Although at this stage I think it would be easier to buy shares in Spotlight – or at least take my sleeping bag with me as I spend most of my free time there, I am still not done! I have to get pretty, swirly stickers (yes this is a technical term), and flower wire, tulle and buttons for my brooch bouquet.

Now to finish my invites and get working on my bouquet and my DIY projects will be all done!

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  1. Angie Martin says:

    OMG!! Not long to go till the big day!! Love your creativity with the wishing well and the DIY Cake Toppers!!

  2. […] have finished 2.5 out of my 4 DIY projects – my cake toppers, wishing well and my invites are 50% complete. I have to finish my bouquet – which is another post […]

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