Uh, oh! I may need to demote my bridesmaid?

It’s really ironic that there was a questions asked on Ask Samantha not long ago about a bride’s sister having too many tattoos and, therefore, her not wanting her sister in the bridal party.

It’s ironic because it has happened to me!

Yep, my sister, bless her, has always liked to adorn her body with “stuff”, be it piercings or tattoos. Of course, I knew this but when I asked her to be my bridesmaid I also asked her not to add to her collection with anything too noticeable on until the wedding because she already has huge holes in her ear, half her head is shaved and she’s covered in tatts galore. I have no problem with this, it’s her choice, but I don’t really want them to feature so heavily in my wedding photos.

So, a few weeks passed after I had asked her to be a part of my bridal party and, apparently, she forgot she was a bridesmaid and got a MASSIVE tattoo the other day – ON HER SHOULDER!!!

Check it out…

Now, I cannot cover this with the dress I want the bridesmaids to wear and I don’t really want my make-up artist spending more time on her arm than my face on the day.

I have to say, I’m feeling a little angry because she knew I would hate it and that it was the one thing I asked her not to do and she did it.

So, I am now thinking of demoting here. Yes, I know it sounds harsh and I know I’d regret kicking my sister out of my bridal party but what on earth am I to do?

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to love my sister for who she is and not what she does, but C’mon!!! What would you do?

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2 responses to “Uh, oh! I may need to demote my bridesmaid?”

  1. Rosie says:

    I think you should talk to her about it. Tell her you did ask her nicely to not get anymore done and she’s gone and abused your trust. I had an incident with my sister and I was a bit harsh when her and my mum embarrassed me at a bridal shop when I was trying on wedding dresses and left me crying to the sales assistant. I told her that I will not hesitate to have a wedding without them because I was so angry at what they did to me. Since then they have both apologised about that day and I haven’t had any trouble with them since.

    I wouldn’t say go as far as what I did with my threat but definitety talk to her and let your sister know how you feel. It’ll all turn out just fine :)

    • Monica210214 says:

       Thanks Rosie. I had the talk and well hears hoping it was heard! I would love to have all of our siblings in the bridal party and I don’t want to be ‘that’ girl, who kicks out her own sister. I love her though, tatts and all.

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