Should I wear my engagement ring during the wedding ceremony?

engagement and wedding rings
It’s a question I’m asked all the time and the answer is simply that you can do whatever you wish as there is no hard-and-fast rule.

However, given the significance of the wedding band during your all-important wedding ceremony, many brides prefer to keep their ring fingers “clear” for the big moment.

Brides tend to either leave their engagement rings at home on the day or, more commonly, wear it on their right-hand ring finger until after the rings are exchanged during the ceremony.

Some slip it back on while signing the register or before they meet and greet guests or head off for photographs.

Either way, the choice is yours.



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2 responses to “Should I wear my engagement ring during the wedding ceremony?”

  1. Cody says:

    As my engagement ring is an antique I personally will be wearing it on my right hand from when I get married. I love it and want to wear both, but the gold my engagement ring is made of is too soft to wear with another ring next to it. I was thinking in your case of maybe making a little ceremony out of swaping them, makes it a memorable moment and who knows you may start a trend. 

  2. Lauren says:

    i was maid of honour for my best friend in October and she gave me the ring to wear during the ceremony. It meant it was safe on my hand she knew where it was. I gave it back to her during the signing of the registry. I felt very honoured to have done it for her!

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