Remember those wine bottles we de-labelled?

De-labelling the Cabernet Merlot bottles

De-labelling the Cabernet Merlot bottles

Think back to three months ago when I first mentioned that little project we had going with de-labelling all those wine bottles.

Have a read of this post to give you a little refresher Sticky Business.

I’m sure by now that you would have worked out for yourself that we would be personalising them.

Well, I can FINALLY show you the finished product!


Love is the essence of life on wine bottle“Love is the essence of Life”

Wine bottles with personalised labelsThis is on the other side of the bottle

 Notice our little monogram? This has been used throughout the invites, wishing well cards, Tea Ceremony inserts and even the location maps.

I thought the tree silhouette was a classy little touch too.

We’re having one of these bottles for every table and I’m hoping there’s a spare one left over for our own personal wine collection. A little memento that we can show our kids oneday

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  1. Awesome monogram. The photos look very cute. They’ll look very nice on wedding tables.

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