Pick a date, any date

There was never any doubt in our minds about what season we wanted our wedding to be in! SPRING won our votes hands down!

Now to pick a date.

October was our preferred month, but trying to get everyone together on the same date was abit more of a mission.

We tried a few dates, but finally agreed on the 22nd October, 2011.

Hopefully this means that the flowers we want will be readily available.

AND it should be warm enough to not worry about covering up my beautiful gown with a jacket

Here’s a tip girls, take your flowers into account when deciding on the date!

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3 responses to “Pick a date, any date”

  1. Good to you that you figure out your date and the flowers’ availability too. But me, I’m worried for my church and reception decoration.

  2. Angie Martin says:

    What is it that worries you exactly? The flower choices for the season?, colours? or just not sure what you want yet??

  3. Event Manager says:

    ┬áReally nice blog…Thanks for providing us this blog.Yes right there is not any season of having wedding.Anyone can do wedding anytime

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