One of my sisters is heavily tattooed (both arms and shoulders). I don't want the tatts to appear in my wedding photos. Should I drop her from the wedding party?

Given you have chosen the individuals in your bridal party and the style of bridesmaid dress they’ll be wearing and, presumably, you knew about your sister’s penchant for tattoos, it’s surprising you didn’t contemplate this dilemma before asking your sister to be your bridesmaid, particularly since the potential for tattoo-laden wedding photos obviously causes you concern.Megan Fox with tattoos

That said, there’s no point crying over spilled milk and what we need now is a solution.

I don’t think you need to drop her from the bridal party at all.

From your questions, I’m assuming the bridesmaids’ dresses are sleeveless or strapless or in some style that exposes arms. If that’s the case, you can always let your sister wear a long-sleeved version of the dress (if it is available), or even just use a matching bolero that will cover up her arms and shoulders.

If, however, that is not enough, you could ask her to cover up the tattoos with make-up but that will depend on 1) how comfortable she is with covering them up and 2) if it is even possible.

You’re going to have to compromise, either in the style of dress or choosing between having your sister in the bridal party and not.

The fact is, she is your sister and, while I don’t know how close you both are, the fact is she must be special enough for you to want her in your bridal party. In that case, does it really matter if her tatts show? She is how she is and, given how many of them she has probably means they form part of her identity.

So, asking her to cover them up, while completely reasonable from your point of view as a bride-to-be, may be seen by her as you wanting her to hide something that is very important to her.

Dropping her from the bridal party is the most drastic of steps and should only be done if you’ve truly weighed up the potential damage it may do to your relationship. That may be worse than a few (well, maybe more than a few from the sounds of it) tattoos in  your wedding photos!

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19 responses to “One of my sisters is heavily tattooed (both arms and shoulders). I don't want the tatts to appear in my wedding photos. Should I drop her from the wedding party?”

  1. Enchantika says:

    There is available now a heavy make up that hides tattoos very well, it also can be used to cover birth marks on the face or visible parts of the body. You will need to ask your Doctor or Pharmacist but especially a dermatologist for information so perhaps you may try that first. Failing that you can use stage make up as this is much heavier than ordinary concealers and foundations and that could successfully cover the tattoos as well.

  2. I agree, so many different
    options are available. To drop your sister from your bridal party is
    horrible. Think of how much fun you can have together shopping for the
    perfect wrap or bolero for her to wear on the day. Or alter the dress so
    that it covers more. If you approach her about it in a nice way about
    covering up a little I am sure she would be happy to work with you. AND
    you wont destroy your relationship with her. AND this comes from a place
    where I was dropped as a bridesmaid so that a family member would be
    included. I still hurt about that- and that was just a friend, not something
    like this.

  3. Karen Baker says:

    How awful for your sister that you’re more concerned with how she looks, then the fact your getting married! If she was just a guest, would you react the same way?!?!

    If it’s such a big deal with her having tatts, and you would like them covered, maybe you should sit down and have a converstion with her about how she would feel about covering the up with either a jacket or make-up.  Including her in the decision about her tatts would, no doubt, result in a much better outcome that both of you would be happy with. (on the most part) Communication is the key here, as well as a little tack.

  4. Rlavell60 says:

    one of our groomsmen colored his hair purple about a week before our wedding, i had reservations but i think it would have been very insulting to ask him to change himself to be in our wedding when he was a good friends and that is just part of his personality, i think its very small minded and insulting to expect someone to change themselves for your wedding, you either want them in the wedding as is  or you dont.

  5. Cori says:

    Shallow selfish cow….Make-up, differnt style of dress, lace sleeves attached to dress, shawl/wrap/bolero to wear and photoshopping the professional photos are all options that are far more appropriate. If this bride was my sister i would disown her for being so petty about my lifestyle choices

    • Cotton_Honey says:

      Harsh Cori! The comment without the berating would have sufficed. It’s not selfish, it’s HER wedding.

      You can photoshop them, a friend of ours did it very well.

  6. Rbutler512 says:

    Obviously the bride didn’t think about her choices in the beginning! Of course yes there are solutions like make and cover ups but the bride knew what her sister looked like in the beginning! Tattoos don’t change a person…if your sister means as much to you, and she must otherwise the bride would not have chosen her to be apart of her special day tattoos shouldn’t mean anything! Don’t drop her because of this…ask her for a favor to cover up with make up and as a sister and a bridesmaid I’m sure she wouldn’t mind

  7. Rebecca says:

    My Maid of Honour has tattoos down her legs, around her ankles, on her back and she has a decal that goes across both breasts and into her cleavage. I have thought about her tats vs my grandparents but I have not chosen a style of brides maids dresses yet. I personally don’t mind them. I knew she had them before I asked her. I believe you should think about your photos etc before you choose on brides maids.

  8. kforshaz says:

    as a tattooed bride, and with a bridal party covered, i’ve opted to have cute 50’s style dress/bolero combos for myself and my bridesmaids. they look adorable, and have covered most of the chestplates and sleeves well. when the girls are holding their flowers, you’ll only be able to see minimal flashes of tattoos. if you’re concerned about them showing, perhaps the two of you should look at dresses that will minimise their visibility and that you’re both comfortable with.

  9. Jillz says:

    I was recently married and have a tattoo on back. I wore a strapless dress but didn’t want my tsttoo to be seen in photos. After discussing this with our wedding photographer, he advised that he could remove my tattoo from the photos via editing. Maybe discuss this same option with your wedding photographer for your sister’s tattoo. x

  10. Guest says:

    When i first got married they used a makeup that is specificly for covering up tattoos worked like a charm just ask the person doing your make up 

  11. Aimee says:

    Disgusting. I have several tattoos and when i got married i proudly had them in my photos, they added to the photos and looked amazing. To even consider ditching your sister because she is heavily tattooed is a disgrace. Why even have her to begin with then? You should accept her for who she is. 

  12. Cody says:

    Depending on what the tattoos look like you could use them to further enhance your sister’s outfit for the day. It is all the rage to have ones brides maids all wearing different dresses that suit them and who they are. Including your sister’s tattoos as an enhancement to her outfit will not only I presume make your sister happy, it will make a lovely statement to her personallity and who knows, you could start a trend…     

  13. jeggsey says:

    Please listen to good advise and wisdom you have recieved.

    . . . on my soap box . . .
    If you give your sister the sack, then each of you have to deal with that for the rest of your lives, Is your relationship that strong, or are you sure it strong enough to be tested, Your children her children, the whole family will have to deal with it. That pain can last a long time. Your sister is a very creative person demonstrated through the art she wears on her skin.  Do you understand the meanings she has about tattoos and how it expresses her passions. Don’t give her the sack, her tattoos should be high-lighted during the photo shoot. Be creative and turn her art into something positive. Can she sing ? Ask her to share a special song that she holds dear. In her expression of love for you and your hubby. She’ll know what to do. An opportunity for creating everlasting love should not be passed up. Take it and make it a very postive statement. You can do that.
    . . . off the soap box . . .

    My love to both of you.
    Peace and Love to you,
    both of you,
    all of you.
    Bless you, and your whole family.

    Love, Jeggs

    . . . Jai Baba . . .

  14. kirin_nick says:

    one of the girls in my bridal party has a few tattoos and is getting more. She said she could always wear a long dress instead of the short one that way she could cover her tattoos. I told her dont be silly we asked you to be in our wedding and the tattoos arent gonna change it!!!

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