My father died many years ago. Can my son walk me down the aisle?

Yes, of course he can.

While tradition dictates the father of the bride walks them down the aisle, the fact is not everybody has a father while others simply do not have that sort of relationship with theirs.

Walking the bride down the aisle signifies giving the bride away and that can be done by any male the bride feels close to, including her own son or step-father or brother or even a very close friend!

Walking down the aisle with your son

When Perth bride Michelle Cavallaro’s wed Andrew Howie in December, 2012, she asked her eight-year-old son Jye to walk her down the aisle.

In a recent Real Wedding, we told the tale of Perth bride Michelle Cavallaro who she asked her son Jye to give her away.

Also, many modern brides ask their mums to walk them down the aisle, especially in circumstances where they have been raised solely by their mothers or their fathers have passed away. It’s truly touching to watch.

At the end of the day, that moment when you walk down the aisle is the last one of your single life and the person leading you should be someone who is very special and deserves the priviledge of being with you in that moment, as well as the priviledge of “giving you away”.

Only you can decide who that person should be and age, sex or relationship shouldn’t matter!



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13 responses to “My father died many years ago. Can my son walk me down the aisle?”

  1. Jess Cox says:

    Definatly!! I’m having my mum walk me down the isle & give me away!! It’s a personal choice to have whoever you want walk you down and give you away!

  2. Deb says:

    my father died 12 years getting married for 2nd time next year, so my son is walking me down the aisle…i think its wonderfull..

  3. Bree81 says:

    I think you can have who ever you want!! The original tradition of the bride being walked down the isle was because the bride couldn’t see through her veil and therefore needed assistance.

  4. StaceyM says:

    I think it would be a beautiful gesture to her father to have her son, his grandson walk her down the aisle :)

    You could even build into the ceremony that at the point where the guests are asked who brings you to be married, your son could respond “On behalf of my grandfather, George Maxwell, I am honored to bring his daughter & my mother to be married today.”

  5. Tashhii says:

    I think that is lovely, I have my grandma walking me down:)

  6. I think its a very good idea to let your son walk you down the isle. He is the most special person in your life, so why not.. 😀

    • Jody says:

      Hi I agree  it is a wonderful gesture  I’m  also having my sons give me away . My father is here with me  but for me this is also my sons way of showing acceptance of  my marriage , And a memory we will  share for the rest of our lives . You  should do what makes you happy .

  7. I think it’s a wonderful idea.

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