My best friend has agreed to host my wedding reception at her farm. What can I give her as a thank you present?

While I’m sure your generous friend isn’t expecting anything back, a thank-you gift would be a lovely gesture expressing your gratitude.

Regardless of the size of wedding, the work that will go into preparing the farm for visitors is likely to be significant, from ensuring the house and gardens are ready to receive visitors and perhaps even accommodating them or arranging accommodation and/or lifts in surrounding wedding

Of course, after the wedding, there’ll be the big clean up operation and, possibly, items requiring repair – depending on how genteel your guests will be and how much of a party you’re throwing!

Naturally, offering to pay for the clean-up etc would be nice, but with regards to gifts, one of the best presents I once heard of was a tree and a flower bed.

Find out what flowers or trees are special to your friend and arrange to have them planted at the farm somewhere. It’s a lovely and thoughtful present that will bring a smile to her lips every time she sees the tree. She’ll have the joy of watching it grow and she’ll remember you, your wedding and your friendship! And when you visit, you’ll remember her kindness and the very special part she’s played in your life. Similarly, if you choose a flower bed, every year when it blooms, she’ll be reminded of your friendship.

Oh, and you’re both helping the environment.

If you’re after something more conventional, why not send her (and her partner, if she has one) on a trip somewhere, perhaps a bed and breakfast for the night, so someone else can give her the care, attention and pampering she’s lavishing on you!

Depending on the style of her farm, perhaps you could get the name of the farm and the number carved onto a wooden sign or something similar.

You know your friend best, so if these don’t suit or appeal, think about her passions and hobbies. If she’s a theatre fan, she’d probably love tickets to the newest show in town  or, if she’s a sports fan, tickets to

Regardless of what option you go with, don’t focus on the size or cost of the thank you gift. It is, after all, the thought that counts.


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