Karishmafying my wedding shoes

For those who have been reading you will know that I had begun my mission to find the perfect ceremony shoes.

While searching I had found a pair at Wittner – which were almost perfect – they were just too high! I did like the applique on the heel and the style of the shoes though.

Wedding ceremony shoes  Wittner - Pressi

The almost perfect shoes from Wittner


After a few weeks of searching I had found a pair of champagne peep toe heels, which I bought online and received a few weeks ago. I then started my hunt for the lace applique to add to the shoes.

Wedding ceremony shoes

My shoes when I first purchased them

Amazingly this turned out to be the difficult  part of creating my perfect wedding shoes. I had been in to a major fabric/craft retailer and was told they don’t stock applique anymore.  I searched craft stores, small fabric retailers, Op Shops, you name it!

So i went to the trusty back up plan…eBay! Which is probably where I should have started, it has yet to fail me.  My searches brought back some interesting results! But in the end I found 2 sellers that had black floral applique, they are different sizes – so I decided to test out both before adding them to the shoes.

Design 1

Wedding ceremony shoes

The longer applique

Design 2

Wedding ceremony shoes

The second smaller applique


Please excuse the amateur photography – my makeshift studio (2 pieces of A3 paper and an empty desk) needs renovating.  So now I have to decide which design I like the most – before I glue it on and change my mind!

I am leaning towards the first one – but I’m still not 100% sold. I think I’ll leave this one for a little while and come back to it, otherwise I will need to post about fabric glue solvents and the pros and cons of hot glue guns…

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