Oh, no! I forgot the car…

Well, it’s not so much that I forgot the car as it, erm, slipped my mind!

I wanted to get to the wedding using our family car, Vera is her name, but was told that I could not possibly. Ok, never mid its a Mitsubishi Verada station-wagon… I still don’t see their point.

I looked into the prices of hiring a car and with only 15 days left until the wedding, I simply cannot fit it into our budget. I really didn’t have a preference or care whether it was black or white, a Chrysler or a Limo.

Actually… I know I couldn’t have a limo. I honestly don’t think I could make it in and out with any class (my dress is quite fitted around the legs) and I am too scared that I will flash my guests. Can anyone say Britney?



My Wedding Car


Having forgotten to put a wedding car in our budget, I can’t believe that I’ve got a solution because my brother-in-law has offered to take me in his parents’ Chrysler. As it turns out, those things don’t look so bad either. I am so wrapped that I do not need to worry about the car in the last few weeks before my wedding because I have sooooo many other things that still need to be.

Phew, everything worked out in the end.

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