I cannot stand my sister. Do I have to invite her to my wedding?

There’s no one you absolutely have to invite to your wedding, well, aside from your spouse-to-be, the odd witness and, of course, an officiant of sorts to make it all official. :)

should I invite my sister to my wedding On a more serious note, aside from these three parties, in theory, there is nobody you MUST invite to your big day though, in practice, there will be a bunch of people you simply couldn’t get away with not inviting.

Though your sister appears to fit squarely on the list of those you don’t have to (or want to) invite, remember that though she may be in your bad books at present, there’s nothing to say that you both won’t reconnect down the track, at which time you’ll likely both regret the fact that she wasn’t at your wedding.

As long as her presence won’t cast too dark a pall over your wedding day, ask yourself if there’s any harm in having her there as you (and she) may one day bitterly regret the decision not to invite her. Of course, I’m not privvy to your history with your sister, so, to my mind, inviting her is by far the wisest option because it is aimed at protecting both your hearts in the long-term and avoiding a lifelong regret.

If, however, you’re sure you won’t be able to make it through what should be a very happy day without some bad feeling between you and her – or suspect your big day may be ruined by her presence, then you may be best not inviting her.

Just think long and hard before making a final decision.


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4 responses to “I cannot stand my sister. Do I have to invite her to my wedding?”

  1. Jesstrav says:

    its ur day, if you dont want to invite her then dont. I have family that i am not inviting as i do not get along with them, some other family members were upset that i chose this option as they see them but i just stated that it is my day, we are paying for it and i do not want her at my wedding. I dont care what people think or say, if they dont like it then they can not accept their inviye aswell lol

  2. Jen_Colombo says:

    I have 5 siblings – only 2 will be invited to our wedding. I want our day to create a happy memory, with those we are closest to. Inviting people you feel you should will only cause undue stress on the biggest day of you life.

  3. Le'Mi says:

    I am in the same boat. I can’t stand my twin brother and know that he will ruin my day. Wether by getting drunk and starting fights, embarrassing me in front of everyone, make me feel bad about myself or something else horrific on a wedding day! I have invited him but have spoken to my other brothers and mum and they will be advising him against coming. Or if he does come, they will be keeping a very close eye on him!

  4. My partner has a massive family and with his direct family he has 58 people that he must invite compared to my 10. I put my foot down and told him who ever doesn’t make contact with is within 6 months won’t get an invite. 58 went to 9! I reckon you have the people that make an effort to be in your life. They are the ones that are truly there for you :)

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