How much is too much?

One of th few things I don’t have organised yet is our wedding cake. I see the disbelief on your faces – but it’s true!

It is one of the list that is on our B list; along with flowers, transport and invitations. Not saying that these things aren’t important – but these are the things we couldn’t fit into our budget.

Wedding cakes Alison Louise Designer Cakes

One of our amazing suppliers - Alison Louise Designer Cakes

As requested by Craig; who’s exact words were “I don’t care as long as it’s chocolate”, I am trying to find a small two tier chocolate mud cake. Our reception package at Elmswood Estate comes with a selection of four, count them, four desserts, so we didn’t want to add another dessert that wasn’t going to get eaten.

So far the quotes I have received vary from $350 all the way through to $700.  Now given the amount of work that is involved in creating a wedding cake I do understand the costs involved, and I really do believe this is one of those things where you get what you pay for. But the budget bride in me fainted into my coffee.

Wedding Cakes - Bell's Cakes

Bell's Cakes - cakes custom made to suit your wedding theme. So pretty!

So as with all dilemmas I went to the lovely ladies on the forum to see what they had experienced when looking for a wedding cake. There were some interesting topics – lots of glowing recommendations and even more brides who didn’t even get to taste the cake!

Wedding Ckaes - CakeCity

Couture cakes from CAKEcity

One of the more interesting discussions was based around the cost. How much is too much? If the cake is a really important element of your day then is $1000 too much for cake?

Wedding Cakes - Sugablossom Cakes

Sweet treats from Sugablossom Cakes

Now I am a amateur baker from way back so I can appreciate the time, effort and talent it takes to put together some of the glorious creations I see on our site everyday.  Not to mention if you are buying quality ingredients the price can sky rocket.  But cake is just a dessert to me, it I don’t have a piece at the wedding it won’t be the be all and end all.

Wedding Cakes Frosted Indulgence

Seriously stunning cakes from Frosted Indulgence

Having said that if we are paying $700 for cake there better be a piece for Craig and I!

So is cake something you would splurge on or is it just more food to you?

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7 responses to “How much is too much?”

  1. Sally says:

    The cake to us isn’t important!  We are having a finger food reception with finger food dessert which include melting moment biscuits, choc brownie (both made by me and a definite favourite among friends) and a fruit cake made by my future MIL.  I am also doing chocolate lollypops and cake pops as a sweet treat later in the night.

  2. For Goodness Cake! says:

    we have dessert on our wedding menu, and can’t afford a cake, somone in the family has offered to make one for us….but at risk of not wanting to offend them, do we settle for a less than average cake, just for traditions sake?…. or just not have one & settle with dessert?.. hmmm

    • Anonymous says:

      I would explain that you aren’t having a cake if you don’t want them to make it – that way you won’t offend. Is cake something you really want?

  3. Jenny Hogg says:

    We had our wedding over the weekend. We made our own bouquets, invitations and we also made the top two tiers to our cake. As our guest list was quite small, we ordered a $27 cake from Costco which feeds 48. It was iced in plain white whipped cream icing. For our top two tiers we iced two upside down gift boxes and added our own accessories. The entire thing cost less than $40 (not including the cake topper) and looked much better than we expected! We didn’t hire cars either. I agree that these item belong on the B list and you are being sensible. Good luck!

  4. Liana says:

    Have you considered a dummy cake? it is a cake made of styrofoam – not to be eaten :) you could even have a small portion made of cake for cutting or one tier made of cake. alot of cake designers have dummy cakes available to hire (limited design options) for a very small price or can make you a custom dummy cake … no one will every know that its not really cake and you still get your photo op.. without the price tag :)

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