Easy Weddings app update

If you’re using the popular iPhone version of the Easy Weddings directory and the “Your Current Location” button has suddenly stopped working, fear not, there’s a quick fix: turn on Location Services.

Recent changes to Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 6, automatically turn off Location Services, which are used by the Easy Weddings app to help you find wedding suppliers in your area.

By turning them back on again, your app will return to normal and work properly.

The fix takes just a few seconds.

If you’re a new user, simply ensure you tap the “OK” button when prompted to use your location.


If you’re an existing user, do the following:

1) Click on your Settings icon













2) Tap on “Privacy” then 3) Tap on “Location Services” – ensure this option is turned on.



4) Find “EasyWeddings” – ensure this option is turned on.Iphone-app-2The “Your Current Location” button in the app should now work properly again.

If you have any problems, feel free to email us.

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  1. Serena says:

    Will there be a new update for the iPhone app that allows access to the to do list? The iPad app is very useful, and I was disapointed that its missing from the iPhone app.

    • EasyWeddings says:

       Hi, Serena and thanks for your feedback. We’d love to do that but, unfortunately, the iPhone’s screen is too small to do all the complex things that can be done on the iPad app. Having said that, never say never!! :)

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