Do you put a return address on your invitations?

Dove invitations from Black Tie Wedding Invitations

“Dove” invitations from Black Tie Wedding Invitations

 Whenever I have the choice of leaving something as it is or making it as clear as possible, I always go for the option that makes things easier to understand .

In the context of your wedding invitations, well, your aim is to get them back – as quickly as possible. By simply adding a return address, you save the guest from having to do any work. They don’t have to get up, find your address and then physically write it down.

They just have to post it (a step which usually involves a trip to the Post Office to get stamps)!

It may sound like a simple gesture that may have little or no effect, but there are all sorts of little reasons why guests don’t RSVP quickly (or at all) to an invitation, and by providing your address somewhere, be it on the return envelope, the invitation itself or the original envelope in which the invitation is sent, that obstacle disappears.



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7 responses to “Do you put a return address on your invitations?”

  1. Jan Lantry says:

    My daughter is my only attendant besides my flowergirl… what is she known as???? maid of honor or bridesmaid????

    • Nic77e says:

      I would say bridesmaid :-) although I know some people refer to their daughters as the maid of honour.  Certainly not matron of honour!! Does it really matter?  The important thing is I’m certain she will be quite thrilled to be so important on your big day!

  2. Donelle6 says:

    so i am planning our wedding and looking at our invites is next on our list. I have sent out save the dates so everyone is aware of the when and area of where. When i send out invites should i be including a rsvp slip? we are on a tight budget and trying to save money where ever we can…. well as long as that doesnt add stress… whats the general etiquette or another way to ensure ppl RSVP if we dont include the RSVP slip?

    • JessDig56 says:

      The norm for invitations is to include an rsvp slip and envelope with the invite. However, I had a friend on a tight budget who felt that written replies were unnecessary and dated. So she put phone numbers to rsvp to on the invites instead.
      It’s not as formal and traditional, but that was her personal taste. Most people didn’t see a problem with it and most people thought that it was more convenient for them to just make a quick phone call. Another benefit for my friend was that she got replies pretty much as soon as people received their invitations.

    • Kerrylyn says:

      my solution was to enclose a pre-addressed postcard in with the invitation, which people just needed to tick a box for yes/no, add their names and a stamp, and pop straight in the mail back to me. Worked a treat!

    • Nic77e says:

      I’ve created a free website and asked people to reply via the RSVP feature on the site.  That is the only option I am providing.. It’s free, gives me a spreadsheet of guests names, tracks meal preferences and in this day and age all my guests have internet access (even my 80 year old grandmother).. Plus.. it is better for the environment!

  3. Nic77e says:

    Also, it helps to know if something goes missing in the mail.  We just returned from a wedding overseas and our friends have received an invite returned to them in the mail, while it is not ideal to have made a mistake on an address label, of course it does happen, and at least now they can contact the guest and explain that they were invited but the invite was returned in the post.  Rather than the friend just thinking that they were not invited at all.

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