Bride-to-be jilted before wedding – by text message

Despite being jilted (and by text message, no less), Angela Burrow put on a brave face and had a wedding party for her friends (Image: Wessex News)

Despite being jilted (and by text message, no less), Angela Burrow put on a brave face and had a wedding party for her friends (Image: Wessex News)

It must have been one of the most painful moments of her life. With just days to go before her big day, Angela Burrow’s fiance called of their wedding – by text message.

But, after three solid days of weeping, the 52-year-old bride-to-be did something remarkable. She put on a brave face and decided to go ahead with the ornate £5,000 reception she had already paid for.

Instead of her wedding dress, the former Army major donned her regimental attire and a medal she received for service in the Iraq war and hosted a lavish dinner for 40 of her friends and family. She even took advantage of the bridal suite they’d booked.

“My motto is everything happens for a reason,” the mother-of-two told “So I resurrected the reception and held it as a new beginnings party.”

Guests were entertained by Scottish pipers and feasted on a gourmet meal at the swanky Tylney Hall Hotel in Hampshire.

Though Angela still doesn’t know why her former fiance jilted her in such a cruel way, she says she doesn’t intend to end up like Charles Dickens’ character Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.

After being left at the altar, Miss Havisham spends the rest of her life in her wedding dress in a decaying mansion.

“I’ve always been a glass half full person,” says Angela. “I shared the bridal suite with my 21-year-old daughter, Heather.”

“You have to laugh really, don’t you? Life’s too short.”

What a brave, brave lady! How do you think you’d react if you were left at the altar?

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8 responses to “Bride-to-be jilted before wedding – by text message”

  1. Jodieowen says:

    Oh dear…. My husband would’ve been a dead man if he did this to me before our wedding! Lol Poor woman :-/

    • EasyWeddings says:

       I don’t think you’re alone in that, Jodie, but how brave is Angela to do what she did. Yes, you have to feel sorry for her, but it sounds like she got the better end of the deal. She seems to be quite an extraordinary woman and, frankly, it’s his loss!

  2. Love Weddings says:

    Poor woman? Hardly!!! Ms Burrow has shown (at the very least) adaptability, grace and dignity – and turned a tragedy into a triumph! It’s obviously not my position to comment or pass judgement on the intended groom, so I won’t. As Ms Burrow said, she created a wonderful event to mark her ‘new beginning’. May this unintended milestone be symbolic of a wonderful new journey that will surpass the one she would’ve taken had things gone to plan. I raise my glass to her! Salut!

  3. Lisa Harvey says:

    Wow, what a courageous woman!! I really don’t know how I would react, as you wouldn’t know until it actually happened to you – but I would imagine I wouldn’t bounce back as well as Ms. Burrow. But as she says, “Everything happens for a reason”. I look at it this way, at least he left her before the wedding, divorces are expensive!! Congratulations Ms Burrow :-)

  4. Lisa Harvey says:

    And additionally, if he’s a man who can do this to a woman days before her big day, it sounds  like she dodged a bullet!!

  5. Kimmybaby9 says:

    She has done something I could never do. Face my family and friends, I would of been terribly embarrassed and humiliated. She has turned a Celebration of two people getting married into a Celebration of her and Life’s little bumps along the way.

  6. Peterh says:

    How sad and how brave!

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