Bridal Dilemma No.3 – My photographer had to pull out. Gulp!

Just when I think everything is going swimmingly, bam! The Universe decides I’m not busy enough!

Due to unforseen circumstances our photographer had to cancel for our wedding day. Which was heart breaking enough, but to add the hunt for a new photographer to my list had me a wee bit stressed.

Our first reaction was to panic – who were we going to find with 4 months notice? Well lucky for me I work for Australia’s number 1 wedding directory – you may have heard of it? :)

So off I went to our photography directory to search for a new photographer – which sounds simple enough, right? Wrong!

Do you have any idea how many amazing photographers we have? A lot. So I picked my favourite 5 and told Craig to have a gander at their websites and lucky enough he chose one of my favourites! Match made in heaven I tell you.

The next day I got in contact with Sally from Serendipity Image – who is so lovely by the way, and we had a chat and found out she is free on our wedding day! Serendipity indeed!

Serendipity Image has been one of my favourite suppliers since I started working at Easy Weddings, I fall in love every time I see one of their Real Weddings.

So we went and met Sally and Julian – and 2 hours later we had talked about every topic under the sun, signed the paperwork and worked our way through about 6 wedding albums!

And now we are cool, calm and collected, in no small part to the wonderful Sally and Julian. Below are some of my favourite photos, I had to stop at 6, I could have kept going…But that might have crashed the site!






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2 responses to “Bridal Dilemma No.3 – My photographer had to pull out. Gulp!”

  1. Angie Martin says:

    How stressful!!! But great to see that you guys got a top notch Photographer sorted for your  big day! They look very talented indeed!!!

  2. Janice says:

    Hi, I’ve booked Julian too for my wedding in Sydney next month. I’m flying him in specially as I was so impressed with his photos, and their prices compared to Sydney prices are fantastic. When I rung up to enquire I spoke to Julian and I was totally convinced that he was the photographer I wanted. I have spoken to Sally a few times on the phone too and she is lovely. I’m glad hearing that someone from easy weddings has booked them too! Good luck for your wedding in April :)

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