All the colours of the rainbow…

My favourite thing about Indian weddings is the colour. For 3 days you are surrounded by a vast array of colours, glitter, food and family.  The outfits alone are enough to make your head spin.

Indian Wedding Outfits saree sari lehenga choli colours

Just a small sample of colours you can find at an Indian wedding

My mum and I are currentyl trying to find the perfect Indian outfit for the reception and the accessories to match and there is no shortage on the internet!

First I had wanted a beige outfit and then decided to go with red as it is the traditional Indian wedding colour. Easy right? Find a red outfit some bangles and earrings and I’m sorted. Wrong! First I had to pick the shade of red, then the amount of work I wanted and then I have to pick the style I want it made in…

So as always I started with finding the right colour, and you can see red comes in many shades!

Indian Wedding Outfits saree sari lehenga choli colours

So many shades of red! I’m supposed to chose just one!


So we are still looking through the millions of pages of sarees and lehengas trying to find the right one.  I think mum has even recruited some of the family to help!

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  1. The designs are just awesome especially the green saree, i just loved the color. I also liked the yellow starry saree.

  2. Jini Chatterjee says:

    I am in the process of trying to find wedding outfits as well and have not found many online that I’m liking, I like some of the red ones in your photos above. Could you provide some good websites for sarees/lengha’s please? 

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