Homemade with love: Laura and Richard’s intimate 60s wedding

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Updated on: March 17, 2022

From the moment Richard Moxom met Laure Doggett, he knew she was the love of his life.

“Richard and I met when we were very young, one of the first things he ever said to me was that he was going to marry me, and he was right!” Laura, 30, recalls.

Richard, 34, proposed four years later, but a wedding was far from Laura’s mind.

“I had no question that we would spend our lives together, but… I was only 21 and it just wasn’t on my mind,” she says.

The Reading couple had a long five-year engagement before Richard popped the question for a second time on their 9th anniversary.

“All of a sudden, it felt like the right thing,” Laura says.

One year later on August 9, 2014, the couple held their intimate 60s wedding with 60 friends and family in Laura’s mum’s garden.

“For me this was just as much a celebration of the adventures we’d already had together as well as the promise to keep on sharing our lives,” Laura says.

The bride looked beautiful in an authentic 1960s shift dress, while her old Mini and a vintage Polaroid camera photo booth added to the retro style.

“I was inspired to have the wedding as homemade as possible, we would save
money but it would also make the day unique and special,” Laura says.

“We have lots of creative friends who got involved and helped us in all sorts of ways.”

Photos courtesy of Berni Palumbo Photography.


Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_004 Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_003






Laura is the first to admit she hates getting her photo taken, and credits her photographer for putting her at ease. “One thing I’m so glad we did is stop off at a park with her in between
the ceremony and reception. It was lovely to have some quiet time just us to take photos without an audience,” she says.



Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_011 Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_021




Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_014 Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_015

“I always tell everyone planning their wedding to make sure they spend every minute with their partner, hold their hand and don’t let go. The day goes by in a flash and it’s easy to be swept up talking to all your guests and not spend any time together,” Laura says.

Laura_Richard_BerniPalumboPhotography (32 of 42)





Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_019 Laura_Richard_Intimate-60s-Wedding_Berni-Palumbo-Photography_SBS_018



When it came to wedding flowers, Laura hit the market with a friend, who created the arrangements. “We included lots of daisies and I asked her to keep them quite wild,” she says.


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Photos courtesy of Berni Palumbo Photography.