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10 wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs

The send-off is one of the most fun and interactive parts of the wedding day. Everyone gets involved and it's rare to find someone without a smile on their face. With so much action going on, they... Read more

“Will I regret it if I don’t book a wedding videographer?”

A recent post on bridal forum Wedding Bee asked the simple question: "Did anyone not book a videographer and regret it?" Here's what some of the answers said, and where we here at Easy Weddings sit... Read more

Why you need a wedding videographer

Waiting for your wedding day to come around may feel like a lifetime but once it arrives it can whizz passed in a blur. The small moments on your big day are ones you will want to remember forever,... Read more

Through the lens: 3 wedding videographers in London

While photography is essential to your special day, still photos don't truly capture the atmosphere and emotion that makes a wedding. To capture the special moments you'll cherish til the end of... Read more

Eight wedding movies to watch the night before your wedding

  'Twas the night before your wedding day and all the planning is finished, all the bags and emergency kits are packed, all your beauty prep is complete, and everything is ready to go. So now... Read more

Viral video: groom’s tearful first-look

A video of a British groom who became so overwhelmed seeing his bride coming up the aisle towards him that he breaks down in tears has gone viral - and it's guaranteed to have you in tears,... Read more

17 questions to ask your wedding videographer

Your wedding video is something you will treasure for many decades (and, hopefully, watch many times during that period), so you want it to reflect your style as a couple - and give anyone watching... Read more

Understanding wedding video packages

When you’re looking for a wedding videographer the quotes you receive can vary dramatically, so it can be difficult to know what is reasonable. Many videographers put together standard packages so... Read more

Trends in wedding videography

Wedding videos used to have a bit of a reputation for being a bit dull but new trends in wedding videography have changed all that. You can now have an entertaining wedding video you’ll watch over... Read more

Questions to ask your wedding videographer

You’re wedding videographer will be responsible for capturing the essence of your wedding day, and you want to be sure their creative vision is the same as yours. You also want to be sure you’re... Read more

Booking a wedding videographer

Alongside your photos your wedding video will be one of the lasting keepsakes of your wedding so make sure it’s something you want to watch. Here are a few things to think about when you’re... Read more

Top tips for making the most of your wedding video

A wedding video might seem like a big expense when you’re putting together that wedding budget, but once the big day has passed in a happy blur you’ll be glad you spent the money. Here are some... Read more

Including a video montage in your wedding

A video montage can be a wonderful way to entertain your guests at various points during your wedding day. You can include footage of the two of you growing up, as well as video taken since you’ve... Read more

Why professional wedding videography is worth every penny

It might be an added expense in your wedding budget but professional wedding videography is well worth the cost. If a picture captures a thousand words a video must capture a million! Your wedding... Read more

Wedding video ideas to inspire you

You’re sure to enjoy your wedding video – after all you will be the stars of the show and it will feature all the people you love. However, to make sure other people enjoy it you might want to... Read more

Options for destination wedding videography

Having a video of your wedding is lovely wherever you get married, but if you’re jetting off to an exotic location with stunning scenery and gorgeous weather, capturing it all on film will be even... Read more

Tips on selecting your wedding video soundtrack

Your wedding video soundtrack will make a huge difference to the impact of your wedding video so talk to your videographer about songs you’d like to include. Here are a few tips on selecting your... Read more

Wedding video tips to capture that big day magic

Your wedding video creates a lasting account of your wedding and will be watched over and over again as you relive a unique day in your life. These three wedding video tips will help you to create a... Read more

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