Solved: The mystery of Angelina's shiny new wedding ring

Angelina proudly sported a wedding band at a recent UN event in Congo. Image: Maciel/

You can’t go a week without reading another Angelina-and-Brad-have-finally-wed story and, frankly, until we see a ring on Angie’s finger, we aren’t going to believe it.

Unfortunately, it seems that with this couple, even a golden band sitting squarely on Ange’s ring finger won’t mean they’re actually married – as the world recently discovered.

When Angie stepped out at an anti-rape event in Congo this week, she didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was wearing a shiny new wedding band. In fact, she happily posed for photos in a manner that actually highlighted her new band.

So, it’s hardly surprising that photographers and journalists at the event assumed the wedding band meant she was, well, married.

But, no. Even that logic would be incorrect with this unpredictable couple. However, the real story behind Angie’s wedding ring that isn’t actually her wedding ring reflects just how considerate – and in love – her and Brad remain.

Angelina Jolie's engagement ring is thought to be worth a quarter of a million dollars

Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is thought to be worth a quarter of a million dollars

Not wanting to flaunt her $250,000 diamond engagement ring in the war-ravaged developing nation, Ange decided against wearing it at the

UN-sponsored event, which aimed to discourage rape as a tool of war.

Understanding her desire to keep everything, including her clothing and jewellery as simple as possible, Brad surprised his finacee with a family heirloom, his great grandmother’s wedding ring.

Grazia magazine reports a source saying “She said she didn’t want to wear her engagement ring because she thought it was important not to be ostentatious with clothes and jewellery when in a poor region.

“Brad said he completely understood why she couldn’t wear her engagement ring, but he really wanted to give Angelina something special and more understated to wear instead.

Now, that’s romantic!

Ange herself remained tight-lipped about the ring – and details of her upcoming nuptials.

When asked by a reporter if she was wearing a wedding ring, Angelina’s simple reply was “No, it’s not.”

What do you think? Would you wear your wedding ring before your big day?

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