Blackbrook House

Blackbrook House is unique, in fact most of our guests say that we are incomparable, and for that we are eternally grateful because it is our uniqueness that has led to the wonderful reputation we have today.

A wedding is such an important day in a Bride and Grooms life as well as for the members of their families. It is the day when every little detail is important, and when the noticeable little touches as well as the bigger elements of the day really matter!

When we started our business our aim was to be different, to be personal, to offer choice, to consider every tiny detail in planning an event, to cook exquisite, different food and turn dreams into reality for our guests, all delivered with a smile at every corner.

As always the best way to really see what we can offer you, for us to inspire you further with our creativity and for you to get a feel for the warmth of the house, is to come and see us and let us share an hour of your time. There is so much more to share with you than what we have included today, and we hope it helps build on the excitement that’s to follow. There will be many, many more questions that will spring to mind – just know that no matter how daft they seem ask them of us! That’s what we are here to do. Help!


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Ashbourne Road Belper, Derbyshire
DE56 2DB


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