Charlotte Mills

The Charlotte Mills Brand offers affordable luxury to style conscious brides giving them a more fashion forward option to traditional wedding shoes.
We create beautiful, elegant, fun, romantic designs we hope brides will fall in love with and want to wear again and again after their wedding day.

Love hearts provide the inspiration for collection each style incorporating them in a unique and individual way. I love art deco and art nouveau, so studied heart shapes and also the lines used in the architecture of these era’s and gave them a modern twist to create the designs.

Each shoe is hand finished with a silver sixpence and the leather sole is embossed with the phrase “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” We have covered all bases. The Sixpence is also the something Old, The Something New is the shoe, the Something Blue is detailed on the insock and the Something borrowed will be inside the shoebox. Brides love this old tradition. This detailing is unique to Charlotte Mills Bridal shoes.


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