Andrew Brannan Photography

I shoot weddings because I’m a firm believer in the institution – but I also believe that weddings are about more than just the couple getting married. They are a celebration of love, a shared journey, and a union of two families.

My style is intrinsically linked to my view that photographs are “windows to memories.” I won’t orchestrate your day and make you do the same thing five times so that I can get the shot, and I don’t do pretty for pretty’s sake. I prefer real, candid images, packed with emotion; the kind of images that transcend time and take you right back to how you felt in that moment.

I have always been a creative soul. I spent years working as a Sound Designer for TV and Film in NYC and LA before I forged a path in photography, first as a freelance street and landscape photographer before I made the transition to weddings. Landscape photography will always have a place in my heart, but it is human expression that I find truly captivating.

When I dove headfirst into the world of weddings I did so by pestering my favourite wedding photographer into allowing me to assist him. I carried his bags, set up his lights, and found drunken Uncle Buck from the bar all while soaking up every piece of knowledge that he could offer me. I later moved up to be his full –time second shooter until I moved back to the UK and set up Andrew Brannan photography in the beautiful city of Bath.


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Bath, Somerset

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